Saturday, May 1, 2010


On Sunday, I found the missing Riley at the agility trial. No, she was not actually lost, Readers from Life With Dogs. Regular readers will remember that Riley took home four blue ribbons at her first agility trial. I was stunned. Riley rarely runs clean at home, so who was this little brindle at my side keeping all the rails up running fast and focused?

The first run on the video is Novice Jumpers. She ran very well and earns the last leg of her Novice Jumpers title (NAJ). The second run (Open Standard) is very messy with lots of errors. This is the Riley I have been expecting to see.

I think Riley may need a longer second warm up. In the morning, I bike her 2 miles before our first run (never thought I would be doing that with a greyhound). Generally, she is able to rest for several hours between runs. I think the rest gave her a second wind I was not expecting.I will get Riley figured out as it just takes time and experience to become steady and consistent. I am just so glad that she is much saner than Reagan.