Friday, April 30, 2010

Saving Grace

Okay, maybe "grace" isn't the right word to describe Riley's jumping style, but she was responsible for most of the bright moments at the Atlanta Obedience Club's agility trial last weekend. Luckily, she is not affected by the weather so she handled Saturday's storms with no problems. Our first run was Novice Jumpers. She ran the first half perfectly. I debated heavily in my mind about how to handle the opening. I decided to have faith in her training and go with the more technical option and it worked beautifully. As I call her over the first jump after the tunnel, she collects herself for the sharp turn. You can't see it as well on video as I could when she was heading straight for me. Mid course, I got in the way and she landed on me. That messed us up for much of the 2nd half. We did not qualify.

The second run is Novice Standard. Riley misjudges the teeter, but unlike Reagan it doesn't ruin her day and she teetered correctly the next day. She also had a refusal (running past an obstacle) at the weave poles. Refusals at weave poles don't count in Novice, but they will in Open. We qualified in this run earning her first agility title, Novice Agility (NA).

All in all, another good agility trial day for Riley!

Photo taken by Gary Depp - In Motion Photos.


jcp said...

Riley is lookin great! I just love those ears.

Sandy ~~~ said...

Hurray! Good job!

houndstooth said...

Riley is just so cute! What she might lack in finesse, she definitely makes up for in enthusiasm! I know she's pretty young, how long have you been training her?

I'm trying to remember where the heck I saw that dock diving greyhound! I just remember seeing because, well, yeah, a greyhound dock diving is pretty darned rare! I just thought it was the coolest thing when I saw it online!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I adopted Riley in Sept. 2008, so that would be when she started training.

The world record holder for dock jumping (back when Travis was competing) was a greyhound/coonhound mix, but "Country" looked like mostly greyhound, so maybe that is who you saw. I think his biggest jump was 26+ feet!

Samantha said...

Nice to meet you! What an awesome post you wrote about unleashed dogs, re-published by LWDs today. It was beautifully written and you are obviously a terrific trainer, so I wanted to come and visit! Just complete CD with... chuckle... well, a golden, but working on Open now, which is a whole different story! Just a rookie old lady here with a novice rescue dog, which is always good for laughs! Come by if you'd like and/or have time!
xo Sammie and Mom, Miche

Sam said...

Thanks for your clarification on Life With Dogs' blog. I was pretty sure that's what you meant - it's refreshing to hear someone think like that! My dog is not aggressive, but she is not unfriendly, and I absolutely cannot stand when out of control offleash dogs approach us. So, it's nice to hear about another person who respects the fact that not every one wants to be approached! Good for you for training your Greys that thoroughly - I'm sure it took a lot of hard work.

Sam said...

I also really enjoyed watching Riley's runs - I love her enthusiasm! She's also pretty quick - hope I never have to compete against you guys! Haha. I'll be coming back to read more soon.