Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can't Do It

Temporary insanity had me strongly considering selling the Greyhound Bus (pictured above) and my Honda Fit to purchase a mini van. I simply need a vehicle that can carry Reagan + 2 greyhounds. It would have been a financial loss since the Honda Fit was purchased brand new in January and the van was special ordered about 18 months ago. I was betting that Reagan would probably ride very well in a mini van since she has done very well in the Honda Fit.

However, I concluded that a mini van does not adequately fit my needs and my insane moment was based on huge assumptions. One, it assumed that Reagan would be doing agility for years to come. The truth is that I will not know until those years have passed. No guarantees. Based on the last agility trial, it does not look good. Two, it assumed that Reagan would not sooner or later develop a problem with the mini van or with the places we go. How stupid am I to buy a mini van if Reagan becomes too scared to ride in it and/or visit the places we go. At the rate we are going, chances are good bad that it is very likely. If she does end up being a stay-at-home dog, I would be kicking myself for selling the big van.

I am now certain that her fear of the big van has a lot to do with the sound and not the vibrations (although I am sure the vibrations do not help). I drive with my rear view mirror positioned on Reagan and she has no reaction to the vibrations, but she does react to sounds of other vehicles and noises from the Honda. For example, a piece of tire hit the under carriage of my car causing a sound, but no vibration and Reagan reacted.

So with what we have learned, we are going to do our best to soundproof the van and her crate before reintroducing Reagan to the ride. She has not traveled in the van since mid March. My fingers are crossed, but between placing the order with high hopes and now, I am not expecting any miracles. I just hope we did not waste our money and that it improves the van for all of us.