Monday, November 24, 2014

AOC Trial - Seven

Seven caught having an ugly day.

Seven also ran in the last trial and earned another double qualifier. She is up to 7 QQs towards her third championship. She would be the only greyhound to earn 3 Master Agility Championships which would be very cool!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Maddie's 2nd Agility Trial

Maddie's second agility trial was as successful at the first! She had a few too many errors in her first run.... just baby dog stuff of running around too many of the jumps. But on Sunday she ran in Standard (has the big climbing obstacles) for the first time and came in first place!
Again, no zoomies which I am super happy about. I think I have a good feel for the exercise she needs in the mornings before her agility runs.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Maddie Vs. Terrier

Our latest foster was a cutie, but definitely a terrier mix! Fostering is definitely more fun when the dog is a good playmate for Maddie which this one was. Got some really cute video and pictures. The terrier had a dramatic drop and roll style of play.
In some of the photos, it appears that Maddie is knocking the terrier to the ground, but it is just the silly dog throwing herself on the ground. It was quite entertaining!

We had the terrier for about 2 weeks. She transported to Animal Welfare Society in Maine and was adopted a week later!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Riley's Latest Comeback

Riley is in the process of making her latest comeback. Her toe has been doing well, but not without lots of concern and threats to just take it off.  So far I'm glad I stuck with it because it has been holding up to Riley's wear and tear as she gets back to activity.
I definitely have mixed feelings about cutting her nails back so short. I still think cutting the nail on the dislocated toe back to the hairline was probably wise and I plan to keep it super short for the rest of her life. Getting rid of the length of the nail really takes off a tremendous amount pressure from the toe. But my vet cut all of the nails on that foot very short so I had a entire foot of quicked nails to deal with and they grew back very slow.  The first week or two that Riley was allowed to start back to activity, I had to deal with nails bleeding again. I had to keep her off of concrete and gravel. It was very aggravating. Now that we are well past that, it is nice that the nails are very short especially since there is a toe that is permanently damaged on that foot. I am finally able to dremel them again.

Riley's first agility trial back is November 22nd. Wish us luck!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Maddie's Agility Debut

Maddie had a very successful agility trial debut a few weeks ago! I entered her in Novice Jumpers two days a row. No zoomies and she did her job like a pro! I could not be happier with how she did.

In her first run, Maddie knocked a bar, but otherwise was perfect. In her second run, she had a refusal at the weave poles. In Novice we are allowed 3 attempts at the weave poles and she did great on her second attempt. Here is the video.
In preparation to Maddie's runs, we walked, biked, played fetch, and dug holes. I also let her play with her friends and hug her favorite people. She just has so much energy that I wanted to make sure I took the edge off and then some.

I don't think we are quite ready for an 8 AM run time on day 1 of a trial. It is just so exciting, but hopefully by the time we get to Masters level we will be.  For now, I plan to keep entering her in one class per day. It is expensive and busy to run 3 dogs in a trial so I will pick classes for Maddie that do not interfere with Riley and Seven's schedule.

Photos were taken by my good friends, Beth Bradshaw and Maggie Fan.

Monday, October 6, 2014

#1 Greyhound

Seven and I had a perfect weekend! At the end of September, we competed in a local two day trial and smoked it!  Here are the four runs.
Other exciting news, Seven is now the #1 Greyhound in American Kennel Club Agility! It only took 6 years for me to finally top my other greyhound, Travis. Travis got a late start as I adopted him at age 3 and had issues to work out before he could compete. So his first trial was not until he was 5 years old. But he was super sound and athletic. He was extremely consistent his last year and a half in competition. He competed until he died at age 10.
So it is exciting that Seven is only 6 years old and hopefully has several more years to go.  The bad wrist is always a factor though. We did have a recent set back.  I spoke with the ortho vet and we made some tweaks to our plan and Seven has been doing great ever since.... knock on wood.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Maddie and Harp

Maddie got to have two play dates with her Golden Retriever boyfriend, Harp last weekend! They had a blast and tired each other out!

A happy, dirty Mad Dog!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Maddie Agility Match

A week or so ago, Maddie had the opportunity to participate in an agility match. I actually hosted it as a fundraiser for the Road Trip Home Animal Rescue group after one of our local agility trials. Agility match for Maddie and we raised $1,390 for RTH!  An evening well spent!

Maddie had some really fantastic moments.  My favorite is in the first run. She is feeling pretty wild, but she collected herself and nailed the weave poles. In our second run, I was not very pleased with her zoomies, but in Maddie's defense, I was running around crazy making sure the match was running smoothly.  Maddie should have had a lot more exercise earlier in the day. In the third run, I wanted to make sure she got on the dog walk, table, and went through the chute.... and she did!
Maddie had another match on October 18th and I may have accidentally entered her in a trial or two. I don't think she is ready for a full slate of classes, but with Riley out I thought I might attempt a soft debut.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Toe Surgery

Riley's toe ended up needing surgery. I really wish we had done it sooner. Oh well.  Our vet put a suture inside the toe. It basically pulls the toe in tight since the ligament that used to be there is torn and it makes the tissues angry so as to stimulate lots of scar tissue. Hopefully we'll get a tight, tough toe from it.
So Riley is to be leash walked only for the next 6 weeks and then we will rehab once again.  Hopefully this is the very last injury.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Go Big or Go Home

Seven and I recently competed at an agility trial in Tennessee. We did pretty well.  We earned QQ #42 and 2 extra jumper legs. Here are those runs:
Seven did make one huge error of mistaking the teeter for the dogwalk.  She does this sometimes when she is excited and rushing around course.
However, this time a photographer was perfectly positioned to capture it. I love my thrilled expression.

Monday, August 11, 2014


True to her nature, Riley has yet another injury. The hound is so accident-prone. You would think she would finally start to chill out in her 8th year, but not Riley Greyhound. She must twirl, spin, run, dart, stop, start, and zoom in every direction. It is one of my favorite and least favorite things about her.
I am actually quite surprised it took this long for Riley to dislocate a toe. It is such a common greyhound injury and since Riley has fractured a hock, seriously punctured a joint, bowed a tendon, sprained an elbow, and had a minor strain to the iliopsoas.... it only seems surprising that she has only sprained a toe once up until now.
So while running and playing about a month ago, the outside toe of the right rear foot dislocated at the P1 and P2 joint. The nail pointed towards her foot and the joint jetted outward. It immediately popped right back into place and it appeared that it might just stay that way. But then when she stepped out onto a very soft surface, it immediately dislocated another 3 times in a row.  I taped it to prevent it from happening again. My vet thought we would need to do surgery, but when he saw it a few days later, it was tight and not painful. So we opted to rest her.

I have not been resting her completely.  The toe now has a nice fat knuckle on it (scar tissue to hold it in place) so I exercise her, but carefully. No agility and no crazy stuff. Also, I have filed and continue to file her nail as short as possible. Every night I file the nail down to the pink of the quick... close, but not to the point of making her bleed. Riley gets lots of cheese for the slight discomfort.

I am about to start Riley back to work.  I plan to tape it for awhile.  Fingers crossed there is plenty of scar tissue to make it hold.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


We are still fostering here and there for Road Trip Home.  We just got done with these two rascals.  Beau and Arlo were found together and no owner was located so Road Trip Home took them. They are good boys and will be adopted quickly.

Maddie is still the best foster sister ever. She loves to welcome the newbies.  She and Beau were quite cute playing together. She was so gentle with him.

I also got an update on our shar-pit mix foster that I personally fell in love with when I saw her in the rescue album for that shelter.
I normally do not get involved with which dogs Road Trip Home pulls from shelters, but remember it broke my heart that this dog had followed her owner into the animal control facility off leash. Such a loyal, trusting dog just tossed away. RTH pulled her for me and we fostered her. Later she was sent to the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, Maine and was adopted a couple of weeks later.
I received an update from Jai's adopter. Jai has a stay-at-home mom and 2 young boys. She also has a canine sibling that she plays all day with except for when they are napping together. The boys are really cute and bring blankets and pillows into the living room so they can all nap together. So sweet! Jai is just such a sweet and deserving dog. I am so glad we saved her.
At the same time we were fostering Jai, we were also fostering Dinah, the lab. She ended up having a few issues that needed to be worked on. Animal Welfare Society did a great job working with her. However, after a few months, she still had not been adopted. Sometimes when a dog is not getting adopted for whatever reason, they will send them to another shelter. Being a new face at a different shelter is all it takes in some cases. Dinah was sent to the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society and adopted the following weekend. In fact, the 4 dogs the two shelters traded were all adopted that weekend!
We also fostered Pinta, a painfully shy, little, yellow lab for a few weeks. 
Pinta made a lot of progress with us, but she was still very fearful of strangers. Because of her shyness, I was worried she may go unnoticed at the shelter so I made this little video of her to show what she is like once she is settled in. I thought it turned out great! I am not sure if it helped her get adopted, but she was adopted quickly and I really appreciate Jen at Animal Welfare Society taking extra good care of her to minimize her stress of the big change.
Right now we are foster free for a few weeks.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mad Dog

Miss Maddie got spayed 2 weeks ago right after a 4 day agility trial so we have not done much in July.  But I do have some photos and videos from May and June.
My friend, Beth Bradshaw took the above photos and those of Maddie and Teg below.
Look! Maddie and Teg have synchronized strides!

 A typical Maddie facial expression!

We also had some fun on 4th of July weekend at Summerwind Farm.  The landowner is so gracious and wonderful to let us play there. Are you happy, John? :-)
 Maddie takes full advantage of the fields!

Here is a training clip from way back in June.
Since then, most of the guides have come off the weave poles.  Right now, Maddie is prone to popping out of the poles early so I usually have the last 2 guides on there.  I am still not sure when her agility trial debut might be. I really do not want to rush her. She is sensitive and does not handle making mistakes very well so I definitely want to make sure she is pretty solid on the weave poles.  I want her to be set up for success. We have 3 or 4 opportunities to do matches this fall so that will be a great way to get her some agility practice at some of the venues we will be competing at in the future.