Thursday, January 29, 2015

Another Banner Trial - Maddie

I will start with Maddie. This was Maddie's first trial running in both classes (Standard and Jumpers) each day. She qualified 5 out of 6 times. Her one non-qualifying run, she missed the tire jump.
Whoops!  I did not even know until I saw this picture.  Did not faze her one bit.

Here are her runs.
It really is so funny. If you had asked me a year ago, I would have laughed if you had said this is where we would be now.  In fact, I had lunch with my trainer on New Year's Day last year to discuss an extremely frustrating training session with Maddie.  I needed a big pep talk.  We figured out some new strategies and months later it really started to come together and look where we are now. I am thrilled.
And so is Maddie!

The biggest game changer is her food motivation.  It has finally been awaken.  I cannot remember the last time she spit out or refused a treat. Now when she is free running and I call her, she genuinely wants the reward even if she is panting.

That weekend finished Maddie's Open Jumper title with three qualifying runs in a row.  She is now moving up to Excellent and will be running the same Jumper courses as Riley and Seven.
Go Mad Dog!

Monday, January 26, 2015

ORKC Trial - Seven

Seven also had a banner weekend at the ORKC trial!  Like Riley, she ran clean 5 out of 6 times!  Amazing! Seven now has 9 Double Qs towards her third agility championship.  That is exciting because there are no greyhounds that have achieved that.  Here are her runs from the weekend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ORKC Trial - Riley

Riley also competed at the ORKC Trial and did awesome!  We qualified 5 out of 6 times with two double Qs!  She was on fire!  In fact, in one Jumpers run she ran in 6.2 yards per second (awesome!) beating Seven!  Here are the runs I have for her on video.

Monday, January 19, 2015

ORKC Trial - Maddie

Maddie completed both Novice titles at the ORKC Trial in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago.  It is nice to have that level out of the way.  On to Open level... I hope we can knock it out quickly too.

Here are Maddie's two qualifiying runs from that trial.  Her second run on the video (Jumpers) was perfect!  It was first thing in the morning and the ground outside was still frozen so there was not playing or exercising Maddie prior to her run.  I have noticed that Maddie doesn't wake up crazy.  That it takes her some time to wake up and get going. So I did very little with her so she would stay sleepy and brought her straight to the rings, did a light warm up, and took her to the start line.  It worked perfectly!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

TVKC Trial

Maddie did great at her third agility trial. She earned her second legs towards her Novice titles. I'm so ready to get her done with Novice and Open so she is running the same courses as Riley and Seven. Here are her runs.  The second one is Time to Beat. We did not qualify, but Maddie did great despite my handling errors and she got her weave poles even though I was totally in her way. Good Mad Dog!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Favorite Fields

My favorite thing about coming to the greyhound lure coursing specialty when my club hosts it are these gorgeous fields!
I love letting my well trained and behaved greyhounds hunt, sniff, run, and play before the event gets started.

You may have noticed that Seven is not in any of the photos. Well, that is because she is not well behaved and has lost her privileges once and for all a year ago. She is too much in hunt mode and will take off after a scent and she does not play nice. But Maddie and Riley had a blast!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Best In Show

and Best Trained :-)

Maddie had a big day on November 8th! She won conformation at the American Sighthound Field Association's National Greyhound Specialty. The event is primarily a lure coursing event for greyhounds, but they have a conformation match for all of the greyhounds in attendance.
Frances Allen Atmore giving Maddie first place in the bitches class

This year the specialty was hosted by my local greyhound club, Southeastern Greyhound Club, and Maddie's breeder was coming from Texas with Maddie's mom and two brothers so we had to go. Plus, who wouldn't want to come visit such a beautiful place?
The great thing about Maddie's win is that when we showed in regular American Kennel Club conformation, Maddie never got a second glance. In fact, I think we were always dead last.  Often AKC judges are not actual experts in your own breed.  They take seminars and classes to learn about all the breeds, but we probably never showed to anyone that ever took time to watch greyhounds compete in the field.... until now. So it was a huge compliment that coursing and racing greyhound owner, breeder, and vet would pick Maddie from all of the contenders.
I know Kelly, Maddie's breeder was thrilled!
Kelly and I had to do our customary cheesy hug!
Maddie with brothers, Jack & Same with Kelly

Also, I allowed Maddie to run a straight behind a lure.

No, Maddie is not going to start lure coursing. Now that she is officially a competing agility dog, she definitely will not be lure coursing. I just can't risk the injuries. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

MACH2 Riley

So pleased to announce that Riley earned her second Master Agility Championship last weekend! She had not competed since July because of a dislocated toe and surgery to fix it. At her age (8.5 years) there just are not that many more possible comebacks. Hopefully that was the last injury!

I was beginning to think we were cursed because Riley's runs on Friday and Saturday were not so good. But on Sunday she knocked out Double Q #40.
Yay, Riley Greyhound!

Monday, November 24, 2014

AOC Trial - Seven

Seven caught having an ugly day.

Seven also ran in the last trial and earned another double qualifier. She is up to 7 QQs towards her third championship. She would be the only greyhound to earn 3 Master Agility Championships which would be very cool!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Maddie's 2nd Agility Trial

Maddie's second agility trial was as successful at the first! She had a few too many errors in her first run.... just baby dog stuff of running around too many of the jumps. But on Sunday she ran in Standard (has the big climbing obstacles) for the first time and came in first place!
Again, no zoomies which I am super happy about. I think I have a good feel for the exercise she needs in the mornings before her agility runs.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Maddie Vs. Terrier

Our latest foster was a cutie, but definitely a terrier mix! Fostering is definitely more fun when the dog is a good playmate for Maddie which this one was. Got some really cute video and pictures. The terrier had a dramatic drop and roll style of play.
In some of the photos, it appears that Maddie is knocking the terrier to the ground, but it is just the silly dog throwing herself on the ground. It was quite entertaining!

We had the terrier for about 2 weeks. She transported to Animal Welfare Society in Maine and was adopted a week later!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Riley's Latest Comeback

Riley is in the process of making her latest comeback. Her toe has been doing well, but not without lots of concern and threats to just take it off.  So far I'm glad I stuck with it because it has been holding up to Riley's wear and tear as she gets back to activity.
I definitely have mixed feelings about cutting her nails back so short. I still think cutting the nail on the dislocated toe back to the hairline was probably wise and I plan to keep it super short for the rest of her life. Getting rid of the length of the nail really takes off a tremendous amount pressure from the toe. But my vet cut all of the nails on that foot very short so I had a entire foot of quicked nails to deal with and they grew back very slow.  The first week or two that Riley was allowed to start back to activity, I had to deal with nails bleeding again. I had to keep her off of concrete and gravel. It was very aggravating. Now that we are well past that, it is nice that the nails are very short especially since there is a toe that is permanently damaged on that foot. I am finally able to dremel them again.

Riley's first agility trial back is November 22nd. Wish us luck!