Monday, August 24, 2015

Maddie and Mattel

My friend, Amy, and I found a 10 week old chiweenie (Chihuahua X Dachshund mix) in a parking lot for a walking trail.
We had just finished walking our greyhounds when this little nugget comes running down to us. We scooped her up and looked around for someone that might be missing her and found no one. So I took her home.
I named her Mattel.... toy company name for a toy sized dog. Her nails were really long... especially for her age... and she was covered in fleas. Plus who just loses a 5 pound, 10 week old puppy. Yet she seems too young for someone to have tired of and dumped already.  

The next day, I took her to the vet. We got her started on her vetting and scanned her for a microchip.... none of course.  I also returned to the park 3 times over two weeks and no lost dog signs were posted.  I was confident that whoever lost her, did not deserve her back and we could find her a much better home.

 We placed her through Road Trip Home who transported her to Animal Welfare Society in Maine. She will be ready for adoption in a week or so.  I am sure she will get adopted on the first day.
Maddie was amazing like she always is with fosters, but she was very good with the very under sized rascal.

I had a lot of fun watching them play.

And after two weeks it was time to say goodbye. Good luck, Mattel!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CKC Trial - Maddie

No Double Qualifiers for Maddie, but she ran well. Just had some silly errors and she blew past the weave poles 2 or 3 times coming out of a tunnel. We will get some next time!  Here are her best runs:

Monday, August 17, 2015

Precious and Nearly Perfect

Riley did great at her first trial as a 9 year old.  She was clean 5 out of 6 runs earning two Double Qualifiers! Maybe a third agility championship is in her future as well. Here are her runs:

I honestly have stopped counting Double Qs for a little while.  I am not sure how many she has and I deleted the column from my spreadsheet.  If she gets 3 or 4 more, I will see where we are.  I just don't want to obsess about it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First MACH3 Greyhound

Seven easily knocked out the 60th double qualifier at our first agility trial in 2 months earning her 3rd Master Agility Championship!  That makes her the first greyhound ever to earn a MACH3!

Seven actually had a perfect weekend earning 3 Double Qs.:

On to MACH4 I suppose. We have had some trouble with her bad wrist here and there, but so far we just get through the rough patches and continue on. I do hope it will hold up a few more years. Agility is definitely Seven's favorite activity.... well catching and eating the baby rabbit might edge out agility, but hopefully we will have no more opportunities for that!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blur of Fur

I finally got around to purchasing Maddie's Blur of Fur photos.  We did this back in May! At our annual greyhound gathering we put a radar detector on all of the greyhounds and determine the fastest dog.
 At one end of the huge, stadium horse arena they have squawkers and a flirt pole to encourage the greyhounds to run their fastest.
 Maddie usually loves the flirt pole and will readily chase a lure, but she really had no interest in what was going on at the far end of the ring.  She thought the dogs running one by one was interesting, but otherwise she just wanted to play with me and tug on the leash.
 Such a silly hound!
So when it was time for Maddie to go, I just ran down the length of the arena to the other side and about 75% of the way, I called her and took off running again.

 And she ran her little heart out to me!  Everyone thought she looked very fast!
Unfortunately, I should have run towards the radar detector.  I forgot all about that so she was running on an angle away from it and did not get a good reading.  Next time.....  For now we had to settle for fastest looking.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Declaring Independence

A couple of weeks ago, we were training agility and as I finished up with Seven, a baby rabbit flushed from the bushes and ran between Seven and I.
Seven did not get the memo......  If we had followed the flow chart, it should have been left alone.
But she ate it......

Seven caught it quickly. It was not sporting at all. It was just right there suddenly. I didn't try to save it.  I knew it would only be mangled if I did. Thankfully, it passed away quickly, but then too my horror she began to eat it.  She ate the entire thing.  She doesn't even like rabbit.  Case and point.... this is the last time I gave her rabbit.
I tried to call her away from it with canned dog food, but she wasn't about to leave that meal.... and honestly I didn't want to clean it up off the field.  Although I began to worry she may puke something up later since she normally doesn't eat fur, tails, ears, etc. 

Nope! Seven didn't miss a beat.  In fact, I never even saw fur in her stool. Well, I guess I am glad it didn't go to waste.
But now I'm wondering what is next for Seven.  She has made her own money (greyhound star of "Pain and Gain" movie) and now she is feeding herself.  Soon she won't need me at all!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Settling In

The hubby, hounds, and I are settling in and falling in love with our new home.
It has been exhausting working on two houses. So much painting, yard work, unpacking, cleaning, and so on. The list seemed endless there for awhile.
But things have finally slowed down a bit.  There is still much to do, but less pressure to be done by a deadline. Our old house is just about ready for a renter and we have already found a tenant who is moving in August 15th.
The hounds did not miss a beat and adjusted to the new surroundings.  They are so well traveled that sleeping in a new place is pretty regular and normal to them.
Maddie seems to love the yard. Eventually, we plan to move the fence line back so I can have space for agility, but for now I am only 7 miles from the field at my parents' house so there is not rush to make that change.

Riley seems to think we are staying in a hotel. She is allowed on furniture in hotel rooms and she wasted no time getting comfortable in our bed and on the couch.
We decided to overlook it since she is the oldest, but she will be the last one. My hounds are just so dirty!
There have been a few birthdays.... Riley and Seven turned 9 and 7 on June 28th.  Maddie turned 3 on July 2nd.

All in all, we are doing well!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Riley Bridesmaid's Mouth

Riley did not have a good trial like the other two did. Earlier in the week, she choked on a treat really hard. It happens from time to time when they are eating treats while winded.  But this was different. Riley had to cough, hack, and gag for quite a while. Afterwards she seemed fine, but later that night she seemed sore and achy.  Her head position was a little funny and she was moving slowly. The next morning she was about the same, so I made an appointment for her to see the vet.  That afternoon, I could see some swelling under her cheeks and throat.
The vet saw nothing concerning.  Salivary glands were fine. Nothing looked infected.  Didn't look like hives. So he agreed that maybe the choking and gagging caused some trauma that has caused the soreness and swelling.  Rest and Deramaxx for a few days and we figured all would be fine.
A few days later, we were off to a trial and Riley felt much better, but still had a little puffiness.  But she was active, playful, grabbing toys, eating and drinking fine, etc. So I ran her in the trial on Friday. Well, I started to notice some resistance to drinking.  And then while panting, a friend noticed this:
It was as if Riley had a blister under her tongue on both sides. It was very strange. So then I starting to wonder if this was something else all together and that the choking several days prior was a symptom of something much greater. Saturday and Sunday were the worse days for Riley and I made plans to return to the vet on Monday assuming we would be aspirating to see what was going on. By Monday morning, she was much better, of course. One of the blisters had popped and she was much more comfortable. We headed back to the vet. Our final conclusion is that the choking on Tuesday caused swelling and trauma which blocked the salivary glands that caused the blister-like pockets underneath her tongue............... only my precious Riley Greyhound.

So we taking a break from agility for a few weeks and heading offline for awhile because Stephen and I bought a new house and will be moving soon.  Only 15 minutes from our current house, but we will be very busy prepping both houses.  We are going to keep the current one and rent it out. We are so excited to have more space.

Monday, June 1, 2015

CDCA Trial - Maddie

Maddie earned her first official Double Q! She ran very well at this trial, qualifying 4 out of 6 runs.
The day she Double Qed there was a tricky sequence in the Standard course.  I had already bombed it with Seven and Riley. With 2 failures and 1 more try to go, do I change my plan (that has failed so far) or do I stick with it?  I stuck with it and Maddie came through with a Q! The sequence starts at 1:09:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CDCA Trial - Seven

We returned to our favorite venue in South Carolina.  Seven would knock out two Double Qs and finish her MACH3, but we earned only one and on the last day.
It is funny how Seven can go from perfect trial weekends to not-so-perfect trial weekends. I think the older she gets (nearly 7) the faster and more excited she gets.
Here are the best runs from that trial and Double Q #59.