Saturday, January 16, 2010

Indoor Games

So what is a hound to do when temperatures are freezing and snow is on the ground? Play outside?

Playing outside wore off quickly. Good thing I stuffed 21 Kongs the day before and froze them. I believe it is a mixture of kibble, canned pumpkin, and cottage cheese.So now what? As part of Katie's rehab for her neurological problem, I have been very good about continuing her cavaletti work. The cavalettis make her step high and flex all of her joints. A good exercise for a dog that was once dragging her left hind leg.It has been too cold and muddy outside so I cleaned off my broad jump boards and brought them inside. Unfortunately, the only room with carpet is our little office. So I flipped up the mattress the dogs lie on to create a small work area. Normally, we do cavalettis in a straight line, but this little room gave us a new variation.

You probably remember the wobble board from a past post. Katie still hates it and probably always will. I did find that stuffing blankets underneath it to reduce the tipping even more helped both Reagan and Katie to work it. Reagan is very comfortable on it now.

I also taught Reagan and Riley about the Roll-A-Treat. As they roll the ball, pieces of kibble fall out of the hole. Unfortunately, it appears to be discontinued because I could not find a link for you. However, a Buster Cube is very similar.

Lastly, find a sunny spot and soak up some warm rays of sunshine.