Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Last week, Georgia finally got some snow! When that happens we immediately dress and pack up the hounds for a hike through the Winter Wonderland (Below - Left to Right - Julie, Stacker, Allie, Reagan, and Riley).We went to one of favorite hiking places just 10 minutes from the house. It is private property.I decided to give Riley some freedom since she has been doing good on long lines and I was sure we would be the only folks braving the elements and temperatures. Occasionally we have a run in with out of control Weimaraners that we will not hesitate to pepper spray in the future.Riley can still get very over stimulated with smells. In fact, at one point, a squirrel crossed our trail and Reagan and Riley started to pursue, but then Riley stopped dead in her tracks to smell something. She tends to get overwhelmed hunting with her nose.Riley is the only one of my greyhounds (past and present) that I hesitate to trust off leash. Obviously, she is very well trained and I spend a great deal of time working on it, but my gut still says she is not quite there yet. I generally allow her freedom only on the trails that are lined with thick brush to keep her somewhat contained. Oh No! My hounds are in front of me! The Dog Whisperer would not approve!Do you see my pepper spray?.... Its hanging on my right pocket. Don't leave home without it! Stephen is a good Dog Whisperer. In all fairness to Cesar, I do agree that out of control dogs should not be running ahead and certainly not out of sight. Do you hear me Weimaraner Woman? Its not good manners on the trail! But I knew we were alone on the trails and I sufficiently boss my dogs around most of the time. They know I am in charge.Do you think their feet are cold? I cannot imagine. They were troopers and even stood in the creek to get a drink. Brrrr!Reagan is very good on the trails. She is very obedient and responsive. She likes to hunt, but does not get carried away with it.The snow is gone now and I know some of you northerners are laughing, but this is big deal snow for us southerners.