Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here is the latest S.L.O.P. (Superior Life Optimizing Pudding) or veggie mix recipe. Because I am keeping a food diary for Reagan, I wanted the mix to contain vegetables and fruits only. Normally, I will add meat, yogurt, eggs, or cottage cheese, for example, to improve the taste. However, this time I wanted it to be purely vegetarian so I would have less variables to contend with. Garlic is always a great additive. The dogs seem to love the taste and smell. I also avoided items like radishes and bell peppers and added more fruits.
This mix is also a great example of using what you already have. I had frozen green beans and peas that were leftover from making vegetable soup this winter. I am also on a strawberry kick, so I generously cut the tops off for the hounds. In addition, I added carrots, parsley, kale, spinach, tomatoes, apples, a kiwi, and a garlic clove.

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Lastly, please vote for Katie in the Bissell photo contest if you have not already. You can only vote once. The contest ends on Tuesday, I believe. If you are not shy, please forward to your friends. I greatly appreciate it.

I promise to get back to some training posts! I attended an obedience seminar today, so I am really excited about working on what we learned.