Saturday, September 6, 2008


I have been neglecting the veggie needs of my greyhounds' raw diet lately. I decided that making S.L.O.P. was the perfect way to spend a Friday night.... I must be getting old. S.L.O.P. stands for Superior Life Optimizing Pudding. I coined it at a boring Tom Lonsdale seminar about raw food. The seminar was less about how to feed raw food and more about propaganda and those "horrible" commercial dog food companies.

I found some great veggies on sale. Three tubs of organic arugala, spring mix, and baby romaine, green beans, and a package of snap peas and carrots for $5. All of it was washed and ready to go. The token fruit of the mix was a red plum. I also added raw beef to keep the hounds interested and pureed it all together in a food processor.

Feeding the greens to the dogs always makes me feel like a good Mom again.


Chris said...

Uh, this is the South; no collard greens? :-D

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

It does sound like an O.C. salad :-). I usually do use collard, mustard, and/or turnip greens, but this time I couldn't pass up the lovely, pre-washed greens for a $1 each :-). Its all about variety anyway.


Michelle and Mitch said...

All those veggies for $5? That is awesome! My kids love veggies too. ;-)

greytblackdog said...

do you just mix it in with their regular raw food or is it a meal of its own? i bet it has the potential to make a mess.

if your kids are picky - what do you cover up the greens with? ranch dressing? LOL

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Greytblackdog, I usually add a heaping tablespoon of SLOP to the usual meal. I'm thinking a full meal of SLOP might produce waste of similar consistantly....yuck!

Haven't tried Ranch dressing :-), but cottage cheese, yogurt, ground meat, canned mackeral, eggs, liver, and/or kidney works well.