Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear Diary

I need to complain. Reagan continues to have digestive troubles. Yesterday she had a digestive blow out in her crate..... poor dog :-( and there is nothing like walking in through the front door after a long day at work only to be hit with a horrible stink. All of you dog lovers probably know what I mean.

Greyhounds by nature, genetics, or whatever seem to have sensitive digestive systems. A friend recently joked that she had heard someone say that the greyhound was the only breed of dog that could poop more than it ate...... isn't that the truth.

Some greyhounds have more problems than others. Travis was one of those rare greyhounds who could eat anything with no problems. In the past, I have always cured my greyhound digestive woes with raw food.
For example, I rarely feed foster greyhounds raw food, but Smithy the foster did not do well on kibble at all. He had all of the digestive problems you can imagine and was losing weight fast. One day, exasperated with my kibble options, I gave Smithy a turkey neck. I hurried home at lunch time expecting a blow out, but Smithy was fine. In fact, Smithy was perfect. I continued to feed Smithy raw food and he continued to thrive and his digestive problems were gone instantly. It was amazing.

I have fed 9 of my own personal greyhounds raw food with excellent results with the exception of Reagan. She is very inconsistent. Sometimes perfect and sometimes NOT. So I am going to finally get to the bottom of her issue and determine the cause. I am going to limit the variety of food especially with training treats and keep a diary of all the "ins" and "outs". I think its possible that she is perfectly fine eating raw food, but some of the treats I use in training may not be agreeing with her. I hope I can get this figured out.