Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear Diary

I need to complain. Reagan continues to have digestive troubles. Yesterday she had a digestive blow out in her crate..... poor dog :-( and there is nothing like walking in through the front door after a long day at work only to be hit with a horrible stink. All of you dog lovers probably know what I mean.

Greyhounds by nature, genetics, or whatever seem to have sensitive digestive systems. A friend recently joked that she had heard someone say that the greyhound was the only breed of dog that could poop more than it ate...... isn't that the truth.

Some greyhounds have more problems than others. Travis was one of those rare greyhounds who could eat anything with no problems. In the past, I have always cured my greyhound digestive woes with raw food.
For example, I rarely feed foster greyhounds raw food, but Smithy the foster did not do well on kibble at all. He had all of the digestive problems you can imagine and was losing weight fast. One day, exasperated with my kibble options, I gave Smithy a turkey neck. I hurried home at lunch time expecting a blow out, but Smithy was fine. In fact, Smithy was perfect. I continued to feed Smithy raw food and he continued to thrive and his digestive problems were gone instantly. It was amazing.

I have fed 9 of my own personal greyhounds raw food with excellent results with the exception of Reagan. She is very inconsistent. Sometimes perfect and sometimes NOT. So I am going to finally get to the bottom of her issue and determine the cause. I am going to limit the variety of food especially with training treats and keep a diary of all the "ins" and "outs". I think its possible that she is perfectly fine eating raw food, but some of the treats I use in training may not be agreeing with her. I hope I can get this figured out.


BrittBeah said...

So in my research, I've found all sorts of fun bacteria and parasites that can be a problem with raw food.
Have you thought of doing a fecal study? get several fecal samples over three days and send them off to the lab. Some parasites (if that is the problem) are hard suckers to find. I say send them to the lab because sometimes your regular vet can miss the weird stuff.

KF-in-Georgia said...

Jacey is turning into the unpredictable pooper at my house. Fat on chicken backs is a problem for her, I think, but her latest blowout came two weeks after her last chicken back (she had a blowout then, too, so I was holding off on chicken backs until I was sure the coast was clear--was about to give her one until she had a blowout last Saturday). Fine at 9 am; disaster at noon; no problem at all after that. My guys get lamb and rice dog biscuits (no wheat), no human food treats (beyond licking the salt out of a chips bag once I've eaten the chips). Since Jacey's crated, she can't get into stuff when I'm not home, and when I'm home I know what she's doing. The dogs are leash-walked, so they're not getting into stuff outside. And Jacey had the blowout, Sam was fine.

I give up. She's just the poop-surprise dog.

(My word verification is in "Jacey's butt expleded everywhere...")

Sientay L said...

I hope you find out what is causing Reagan's tummy troubles. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope it's one of the training treats or maybe a veggie.
If you can't come to a conclusion with the food diary, maybe BrittBeah's suggestion might be good. Maybe Reagan's tummy is sensitive to one or two of the bacteria.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I don't feed any raw food that would likely have parasites, but bacteria has crossed my mind. How would I send it off and where to?

Kathy, trimming the fat and skin off the chicken backs has worked very well for Riley and has helped a lot with Reagan. Its a pain, but well worth it in the end. You might also want to feed more chicken and turkey necks.... although I cannot find turkey necks right now. I guess the farmers are raising neck-less turkeys right now. :-)

Well, so far chicken necks in equals perfect out for Reagan. I have a feeling cheese, kibble, salmon treats, and canned food are causing the problems. I just need to narrow it down.


Kemlynb said...

Have you tried yogurt with her? My greyhound (kibble eater) gets 1tbl spoon with breakfast and supper and it works really well.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Kemlynb, she has had yogurt, but not on a regular basis. However, I have added a very high quality digestive enzyme supplement with regularity with no noticiable difference, so I don't think yogurt would really make a difference. I also think dairy might be one of her problems, so it will be something I'll test in the future.


Barb said...

I'll bet you're right, and it's something you are using for training treats. I'd try simplifying her diet and making treats from the same kind of food. For example, if she does well on chicken then boil and dice chicken breasts for training treats - you can dry them in a low temp oven if they are too juicy to keep in your pocket.

Good luck! Digestive upsets can be really frustrating - and there are few things worse than smelling that smell when you come home. One memorable time I could smell it BEFORE I opened the front door...Ugh.

Jo said...

My greyhound (Tommy) cannot eat anything cooked, with the exception of bread for some reason. Raw food only. No commercial dog food or dog treats. Even the smallest dog treat will give him trouble. For training treats I actually use Goldfish crackers.
He also seems to need his veggies otherwise he poop is not normal.
As long as he eats only raw we have the bonus of NO farts.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I just got back from an obedience seminar and she gave me a lot of exercises that require me to put the dog treats in my mouth..... the boiled chicken was quite gross being that I am a vegetarian. I'm am praying that cheese will be ok for Reagan. Now Goldfish crackers would be great. I'd put those in my mouth :-).

IHateToast said...

oh, sorry about the stink. i hope you find the source. well, you know the source. the cause. yes. that's better. poor reagan. can't feel comfy.

i had to read this twice. the first time i was too humoured by the black square over the freckle to really read about raw foods and the green apple quick step. that was a great photo.

Zan said...

I know just how frustrating (and smelly) digestive issues can be. Here's hoping you narrow down the culprit consumable soon!