Monday, January 12, 2009

Pins and Needles

Katie continues to get a refresher in rehab for the Fibrocartilaginous Emboli (FCE) that occurred in October 2007. Last week, she received more acupuncture.

Acupuncture is so hokey to me. I do not understand it at all, but I do know I have seen immediate improvements.

I strongly recommend it for spinal issues (other than spinal tumors). Diagnosing spinal problems can be very expensive and the surgeries to correct the problem are also very expensive.... not to mention the rehab that follows. If you cannot afford to proceed, before losing hope, I strongly suggest giving acupuncture a try. It is well worth a try and may bring your dog significant relief.

My vet uses electro acupuncture. The needles are hooked up to a machine that stimulates the needles with a little bit of electricity (I believe I have that right).

Katie also went swimming again at Wag-N-Swim. The facility has changed. The pool is now an in-ground pool surrounded by a huge bubble to hold in heat. The water is still very warm and is perfect for swimming a greyhound in the winter. It was very steamy, so my pictures are not very good.

Like everything else in life, Katie swims for food. She swam until she just about couldn't swim anymore, but you would not have known after a short rest. Crazy 10 year old!

The floaty around her neck keeps her head and ears above water.

Lastly, Katie has gone for another session of the water treadmill. Here is a video clip of the action. This is probably her least favorite activity, but it is very good for making her exaggerate her movement and really use her joints. I feed her throughout the entire session.

On a happy note, the physical therapist thought she looked great and was better than the last time she had seen her. Sounds good to me.