Monday, October 15, 2007

Pin Cushion Day

Today we went for more acupuncture (notice the needle in her head). My Dad was kind enough to tag along and to offer an extra set of hands when needed. I again had Katie ride uncrated in the big van (see photo left). I'm still not sure about putting her into a small crate yet. Less room might be good, so she isn't bounced around, but it might be a struggle to get her out. Nonetheless, she traveled great once we got her to lie down.

This time, Dr. Castle hooked up the acupuncture needles for some electro therapy. Katie was perfect as usual. And dare I say.... I think she actually was moving better when she left the hospital. She appeared to be placing her foot down better with less knuckling over.
Well, I'm glad this story line is starting to get boring. Nothing but good news to report each day. Our next big day is Thursday. More acupuncture at 9 AM and then Dr. Wagner rechecks her at 10:45 AM. On the phone, I asked what to expect and the lady said that Dr. Wagner was going to determine if a bone biopsy was needed and then she might have to be left overnight for that procedure. I told the lady that I already knew that I would not be doing a bone biopsy and that I was going to wait longer on the pelvic x-rays. So the lady asked what I did want and I said that I had some questions and I wanted Dr. W to see her progress...... so that is what we are set up to do. I hope she can start swimming and doing some exercises. This rest stuff is driving us both crazy. I wanted to choke the little darling this morning. :-)