Sunday, January 6, 2019

Shoulder & Nails - Maddie

I took Maddie for another ultrasound and finally got a good report.  It had been 3months since the last one so it was going to be a big let down if there was not a big improvement.
So she is allowed to trot now.  4-5 days a week she gets to add 3 minutes of trotting to her walks. Periodically, we get to add another set of trotting to each workout.
Maddie was quite thrilled about her first trotting session.  She was all over the place!  I even fell down on a slippery patch of wet leaves.  My friend, Lou, and I laughed so hard we could barely breath.
Unfortunately her nails continue to be an off and on issue.  They are all discolored, crumbly, and they stink when I dremel them.  They are not infected, but have a weird smell.  It reminds of the smell when shoeing horses.  That hoof smell.  
Unfortunately they cause her to be lame off and on.  So we will continue to take it slow.