Monday, November 19, 2018

Up and Coming - Ivy

Ivy and I have been working hard at agility training.......... but also taking it slow.  We have been at it for five months and I think she is progressing quickly.
Ivy's weave poles are fantastic!  She learned them faster than any of my other greyhounds thanks to the 2X2 method.  Her footwork wasn't perfect, so I brought out my channel weaves just an inch or 2 apart to help her figure it out.  It was amazing because I did not need guides. She applied her 2X2 skills and progressed fast.
And despite what Susan Garrett says on her 2X2 DVD, you can absolutely use food for the entire process.  I used one sandwich cheese slice for each training session.  I cut the slice into 9 squares that were very easy to see on the grass.
I finally got some video of Ivy from a few days ago.  The first part is from my backyard and the second part is on a new field.  I thought she did great!