Sunday, November 4, 2018

Shoulder Progress & SLO - Maddie

Maddie returned to the ultrasound vet at the beginning of October.  I was scolded for not following Dr. G's program of walking 15 minutes twice a day.  It is just not reasonable though.  I leave for work at 5:30 AM.  My neighborhood is not a great place to walk and if I drive to a park, we are going to walk more than 15 minutes.  I also have three other dogs and a full-time job.  And I am rehabbing her for retirement which is not the most inspiring goal.  Regardless, the ultrasound showed that Maddie was healing (maybe not as fast as Dr. G wanted), but healing nevertheless.  She increased our exercise to 20 minutes twice a day (still not doable) and said to return in 4 weeks to see if she could start trot work.  So obvious we have progressed in the right direction despite my inability to adhere to the plan.
And then Maddie lost a nail and not from trauma because she has been on a leash since June.  And another nail on the other foot was separating from the quick.  Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodytrophy (SLO).  Yay.  Great.
We ran a ton of blood work just to see if it could be something else.  None of it suggested a reason to cause her nails to fall off so SLO is a likely conclusion.

So I am not sure what is in store for Maddie at this point.  We have been able to resume our walks and nosework.  I just want the poor dog to be a dog again.