Monday, February 16, 2015

Knock on Wood - Seven

Knock on wood, 2015 continues to be amazing for our agility trials!  Everyone has their lucky streaks, but to have two on such a roll and a young dog quickly climbing the levels is really something.  I'm feeling really spoiled!

Seven was 5 out of 6 again! She now has 13 double qualifiers towards her third championship. Seven more to go. Her only error was a teeter fly off.  Remember this?
I am sure it looked something like that and I was just as annoyed. :-)  About ever couple of months, Seven seems to have to throw one of these in for good measure. Here are the qualifying runs:
Lots of wraps and pull throughs. We have worked a lot on those things the last couple of years.


Milo and Jet said...

Way To Go Seven :) Sounds Like Your Doing Pawesome with your Agility :) Milo & Jet

Hazel said...

I was watching the Westminster or Westchester agility show yesterday and was looking for you and Seven to be there!

Janette Ash said...

Yes, I watched each and every wrap and pull though several times. You two look great! I work so hard on those also. I feel sometimes we will never get there. Good to learn it has been years in the making. Your runs were gorgeous. Hope that winning streak last the whole year though. Sure, luck is always a great perk to have on your side but you have worked hard and earned your successes. Congratulations girls!!!