Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sandyhounds - Riley

Riley looks sweet and innocent, but she is not. Around New Years, she clocked me in the face and gave me a huge black eye.
Pretty huh?
We were at our little beach spot and Riley went nuts digging in the sand while I was leaning over her and BAAM!  It took over 3 weeks to disappear. So I'm a little head shy now, but here is a video of how silly Riley can be in the sand............. and pretty ferocious sounding too:


Chris Vereide said...

I know how it is to get clocked in the face by a greyhound - I feel your pain. A few years ago, I was trying to give my grey boy a bath. He wasn't having it. He whipped his head back and hit me under the eye with the top of his head. I had a black eye for a while - kind of embarrassing to go to work. We avoided the tub all together after that and did baths outside.

Team Zero Gravity said...

Blaze loves to dig too. He did some during an agility trial and got "E"d ;)

Hazel said...

The playing in the sand looks so wonderful! You could bring them to the desert and they would have sand everywhere to play in!

Janette Ash said...

One hasn't lived till they have had a shiner. I fell off the ladder painting crown moulding two days before our holiday to Italy. I still wonder what folks must have thought, and I was not fluent enough to explain anything. LOL

Milo and Jet said...

Hi Riley
Looks like you had a great time racing around on the sand :) Milo & Jet