Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Good Dog

Seven competed in a two day agility trial again recently. This time it was local so we did not have to go out of town. We did not qualify in either class on Saturday. My fault in Standard. Seven's fault in Jumpers. But we came back on Sunday and won both classes.
I am just so grateful that Seven continues to stay sound despite the bad carpal joint. I never want to take that for granted.
Riley is doing well also! The rehab vet felt that she could go back to work as long as there is no pain or swelling afterwards. Recall that she fell off the dogwalk a few weeks ago and the tendon that runs from the stopper pad to the big pad swelled up. The tendon is still thick, but Dr. O said that she has seen something like that remain for a year. Riley has been easing back into work and seems just fine.
I pulled both hounds out of the trial that happened last weekend and entered them in a trial in December we had not planned on.  If I am going to take Friday off, I would prefer it be for both dogs if possible. In total, two more trials before the end of the year.

Maddie... I really need to do a post on Maddie. However, she tends to not cooperate when I turn on the video camera during a training session. She is a right-brained, free spirit and she does not always go for my Type A plans. I am getting humbled on a regular basis.
Recently, I was emailed a request to use Maddie in an Italian fashion line photo shoot in New York City. We turned it down. I am pretty sure that if I had "really needed" Maddie to do something... I was definitely not going to get it.... but maybe one day. For now, Pressure is not our friend. She is precious though!