Monday, October 28, 2013

Maddie Match

Also at the last agility trial, we lucked out at having another practice match that Maddie could play in.  The really neat thing is that many clubs are offering the match in both the Standard and Jumpers rings. Maddie is not ready to play on the big Standard obstacles just yet so Jumpers is perfect for us.
It is definitely time to raise the jumps and I am working on that, but I did not want to surprise Maddie with something higher than she is really used to.

All in all, the baby dog did great!  She jumped, tunneled, and tugged.  She was a little bolder about going off to do her own thing once or twice, but she quickly responded to my call.

I also had a chance to work on the 2X2 weave poles with my trainer.  Wow, what a difference a tweak can make!  I also borrowed the DVD again for a refresher so we are finally on the right track with those. I will post a video of that soon.

Awesome photos by Maggie Fan!