Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stellar Weekend for Seven

Seven did great at last weekend's agility trial! I am also so pleased that her carpal joint is doing well and causing her very little trouble. Our management system seems to be working very well.... knock on wood.

Seven earned her first two double qualifiers towards her second agility championship and won three of her six classes. In fact, she ran clean five out of six runs. Unfortunately, I messed up on our very last run.... but Seven was perfect.

We won both of these classes on Day 1. A little tricky at the end of the Jumpers course. There was a lot of zig zagging. The jump at 1 minute, 24 seconds has the option of going around in either direction. It definitely lined the dog up better to turn left. But I chose to go right because Seven's momentum would be carrying her in that direction and her left wrist is the bad one so if given the option, I usually choose to go right when I can.

On Day 2, we earned a 2nd and a 4th. Seven did not hold her contact on the teeter so that added time to our run as I got into position.

On Day 3, Seven won the Standard class and then I screwed her up in Jumpers right at the beginning.  I did a front cross, turned around, and was not at all lined up with the weave poles so she ran by them. Darn it! My fault!
Good Dog, Seven!