Monday, October 21, 2013

Red Light

Just when Riley gets the green light to get back to work, she does something reckless and gets hurt again. She was just getting back to agility when she took the dogwalk in typical Reckless Riley fashion, lost her footing, and fell off of it. She landed on her feet, but came up lame on her left front. Her pastern (the section between the foot and the carpal joint) swelled up immediately. You can also see a little bit of bruising.

Riley's lameness was gone by the next day and the x-ray was clean . I am not sure exactly, but she may have strained or bowed the tendon that runs down the pastern and/or she may have banged her stopper bone really hard. Since it is not painful anymore, I have been walking and working on her core muscles with the FitPaws Peanut and Balance Disc. The rehab vet will see her on Wednesday.

I pulled Riley out of the next three agility trials (big frowny face) just to be safe. I do not think the injury is that serious, but we do not want to make it worse. Anyways, I just get tired of poor Riley having to spend so much time on the sidelines. She loves to play, run, and jump more than anyone, but at the age of 7 Riley still has no self-preservation skills. She is just funniest little greyhound.  So calm, content, and reserved.... and then she EXPLODES!!! You just have to be so careful with her when you flip the switch.