Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Maddie and Seven are such hooligans!  I love that they play together, but I do wish they would tone it down a little. Especially Seven. She gets so intense and I don't like when she runs Maddie into the ground. But Maddie asks for it and then asks for seconds. So here is the one time I let Maddie and Seven play outdoors for five minutes naked and native.... otherwise they do wear kennel muzzles when they are in the backyard.
It all starts when Mad Panther selects and stalks her prey.
When the prey notices the ambush, she reacts!
They posture and size each other up.

The panther attempts an early take down by taking a leg.
But the prey says "No!" and gets away.
The teeth and ugly faces come out.

And then the all out brawl begins.

Until Mom says "Enough!" Then they hug and make up.

Dance a little.

Sing and laugh a lot.

Okay, back to playing in muzzles so no one gets hurt.