Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bella and Maddie

Another lazy blog post for me where the dogs do most of the work. Ha!  This is Bella, a young hound, we are fostering for ten days.  She actually leaves on Saturday and then we will be free of fosters for the next month and a half due to our busy agility trial schedule.

As far as playmates, the Lab was too much. The Brissel Catahoulamation Sparrier was too little.  But Bella is just right.  It is so nice to have a good way to burn off some stressed, rescue dog steam.

And it is fun to watch!  I did get a some video for you folks that like video. I personally think the pictures are a lot more fun and silly to look at though.
We heard that our last foster who was transported to a shelter in Maine was adopted a few days later by an older couple. Perfect! I thought she would be great for an older person who just wants a cuddle bug and walking companion.

Bella needs just the opposite. I would not label her as high energy, but she is still such a puppy and would do well with an active, busy family with kids and/or a playful dog. She will also probably need a good month to really settle into a routine and just get over the newness and excitement of it all.