Monday, September 23, 2013

Still Off

Riley is still resting her iliopsoas.  The rehab vet looked at her last week and thought she was much better, but wanted to give it a little more time.  She said the iliopsoas was still a little sore.  It is such a common muscle for agility dogs to tear that it is well worth taking a few weeks to prevent that from happening.
Riley was disappointed to have to rest longer.... and so was I. It is hard to subscribe to the recommendation when I saw no evidence of unsoundness. But if I am not going to follow the rehab vet's suggestions then I am wasting my money. This is a perfect example of why I take all three periodically. I want the rehab vet to point out issues before I can see them and nip them in the bud before something becomes a chronic issue.
In the meanwhile, Riley has been getting laser therapy twice a week.  With six areas to treat in each session, we are definitely getting our money's worth for each laser treatment
Hopefully Riley will be back to doing her crazy zoomies in October.  Of course, this is probably how she injured herself to begin with.  I wish she would just run laps, but she loves to spin, pounce, dart, throw, catch, and run in all directions with her Zanie Flyer.
And we said goodbye to our foster dog, Luci, last Friday.  She is now at a private, no-kill shelter in Maine where her chances for a quick adoption are much greater. I have to confess... we were glad to see her go. I am officially NOT a terrier person.  She is a lovely dog for someone that wants a walking companion and cuddle bug, but her spinning and scrambling across my hardwood floors was raking on my last nerve.  Ha! We are supposed to be getting a hound mix (ahhhh, my type) tomorrow for about ten days and then we will be taking a foster break until December most likely.