Monday, August 12, 2013

Movie Photos and Video - Part 4

Here is another installment of the videos and pictures I have from the "Pain and Gain" movie set.  On our last trip, my husband, Stephen, came along.
The sole reason for coming back to Miami one more time was to re-shoot Anthony Mackie and Seven on the sidewalk and through the gate to the pool area.  "Adrian" is again presenting "Tasty Reuben" to his girlfriend, "Robin Peck", but Rebel Wilson was not even there since her portion of the scene was good.
We worked with a small, satellite crew and an assistant director.  He would video the monitor and then send it to Michael Bay for approval. So we would sit around chatting while we waited to hear back.
Here are several takes that Stephen and I videoed.

And another.  I put treats in Anthony's pocket so you can see him give her one after the take.
Stephen loves this one because at the end I said "She makes you look good.".... well she does.
After we wrapped, Seven cooled off in the pool.  It was HOT despite the cloud cover!
Michael Bay requested that we bring Seven back to "the stage".  I was excited to hear that he was going to put her into another scene or two and that Stephen would get to see the indoor movie set.

Unfortunately, Seven did two scenes that did not make it into the movie.  Maybe one will appear in the DVD, perhaps? She laid on the bed during two bedroom scenes with Anthony and Rebel.  We were special because Bay would kick every extra person off the set if they were not crucial to a kissing or romantic scene. We were crucial!

One of the scenes fell flat. "Adrian" has performance issues in the bedroom due to his steroid use and he kicks "Tasty Reuben" off the bed.  I simply called her off the bed when he nudges and tells "Tasty" to get down.  The dialogue was raunchy and not very funny.

However, I wish the other scene had made it into the movie though.  "Adrian" opens his robe away from the camera and "Robin" administers an injection to deal with his performance issue.  They start rolling around on the bed and Anthony's feet end up in Seven's ears and she turns her head back and forth not sure what is going on.  I thought it was funny.

And I am so disappointed I did not get a picture with Rebel Wilson.  I should have jumped in between she and Anthony and taken a selfie.  There was a lot of down time so I was sitting on the bed with them for quite a while.

Rebel was interesting and not what I expected.  She seems really shy and quiet in person.  Definitely was not the outrageous personality she often plays in her movies.

We finished up and I came out to find Stephen and Riley.  Riley had lured in supermodel, Bar Paly, with her cuteness.  She was rubbing Riley's ears and had already nicknamed her "Monkey".
The hubby was pleased.
Before we left the set, we made plans with Anthony.  We ended up hanging out with him until 2 AM.  Ahhh, so much fun.
Anthony Mackie was definitely my favorite!