Thursday, August 15, 2013

Almost Perfect

The hounds and I competed at a three day agility trial at the beginning of August.  Seven was almost perfect! She ran clean 5 out of 6 times resulting in earning Double Qualifiers #17 and #18.  Just two more to go!
We did have one carpal joint issue on Saturday morning.  She came up lame goofing off in the morning when I try to carefully burn off some of her extra energy.  As usual, she walked out of it a few minutes later and as you can see went on to compete for the rest of the day with no additional problems.  I am just so thankful we have figured out how to manage this soundness issue and that she still does so well at agility. I really am amazed.  The rehab vet has never seen an injury quite like this one.
Silly picture of me
Here are her runs: