Thursday, August 8, 2013

Movie Photos and Video - Part 3

The Rock giving Seven a lift

On our second trip to Miami, my sister, Denise, came to assist.  This was such a great trip because we were on set for three 10-hour days. Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie, Bar Paly, and Micheal Rispoli were coming and going the entire time.
Mark coming
The Rock going
Mark taking a break from murder

This "set" was called "the stage" and it was just a Miami convention center that had been tricked out for many of the indoor scenes.  The Home Depot, Adrian Doorbal and Robin Peck's home interior, Danny Lugo's kitchen, and the tanning salon.  Yes, I met the wax girl in need of a massive trim and the guy with the hairy back!
Danny Lugo's kitchen
Sister, Denise, keeping The Rock's chair warm and Home Depot in the background
And making friends with the stars' assistants. Ace, Mark Wahlberg's assistant pictured here

So the best part was getting to meet and take pictures with many of the actors.  In fact, the only main characters I did not meet were Ed Harris and Tony Shalhoub.
I, of course, got to see Anthony Mackie again.  He was very nice as usual and introduced himself to my sister.
Anthony even smiled for the camera when we forced him... sort of. Ha!  He said he is not Will Smith and agreed and told him he had much better ears.
Dwayne Johnson was one of the first actors to come in and was immediately sucked in by Riley's cuteness. He asked to pet her.
I cannot emphasize enough how warm, genuine, and friendly he was.  He was interested in the hounds, asked questions, and listened.  It was a very cool moment and thank you, Denise, for the picture!
We told him about Anthony complaining/joking about Seven being too big to carry.  The Rock asked if he could pick her up for a photo.  Of course!
Unfortunately, he did not Tweet the picture because the lighting was bad. Agreed!  It was so dark indoors.  If you have a Twitter account, I highly recommend following Dwayne Johnson.  He is very inspiring, entertaining, uplifting, funny, humble, grateful, and real. He posts photos of himself as a kid, kicking butt in the gym, movie sets, or with fans.
And I got to meet Mark Wahlberg who I initially was most excited about meeting, but was slightly disappointed.  He is very serious on set and did not ask to pet my dogs.  He was very nice when spoken to, but was never social like the other actors.
Michael Rispoli was super friendly.  He is a smoker so he was frequently outside taking a break and would chat about the hounds.  We took the above photo on the last day and he said "Now this is Riley and Seven, right?".  Yes, and now you are my favorite actor.  I thought that was really nice that he remembered their names.
This is the chair that Seven was in for her big Mark Wahlberg and Michael Rispoli scene.  Yes, she did eat one of Michael's egg rolls.  Bad dog!
On the last day, Seven did her escape scene.  Since she is leaving the scene of a murder, she has blood on her and this is when I had to remind Michael Bay about that and they slapped some blood on real quick... see above.  A lot less than she had on her for the track scene.

I believe the digital version of "Pain and Gain" is out next week and the DVD comes out a couple of weeks later.  It should all happen this month though.