Monday, August 5, 2013

Movie Photos and Video - Part 2

Rebel Wilson and Seven

These are photos and video from our 2nd day of shooting "Pain and Gain".  In this scene, "Adrian Doorbal" (Anthony Mackie) presents "Tasty Reuben" (Seven) as a gift to his girlfriend, "Robin Peck" (Rebel Wilson).
Filming took place at this apartment on Bay Harbor Island in Miami, Florida. We, of course, arrived on time which equates to being hours early.  But we got to watch Anthony and Mark drive up and down the street in an older model Porsche. Mark even waved at us.
Notice Seven's collar in the top photo.... it is just my leash looped through the handle to create a slip lead. At this shoot, we were losing light quickly and in the haste, the movie collar was not provided. We though it was awful that they were just using my ugly leash.  Of course, then the props guy, Romaine, wanted to keep it just in case it was needed again.  Well, I needed it to get Seven home and promised I would always have an ugly, black, 4 foot leash on every trip.
In this scene, Anthony jogs Seven down the sidewalk to the pool area.  Unfortunately, we were losing light fast and Michael Bay was not in a good mood!
Initially, we had trouble getting Seven to eagerly jog away with Anthony because I was behind her. So then I hid behind the pool house that you can see in the background.
That change got her moving in the right direction.
Here is a video clip that my friend, Stefanie, was able to get. I wish it was clearer, but we technically were not supposed to be taking photos or videos so everything was done discretely with our iPhones.
Fortunately, the loss of light caused us to have to go back to Miami for a third time to film this again which lead us to working on the stage again and then having fun with Anthony until 2 AM.
They were able to save Rebel's footage because they kept moving her chair further back into the sun.
Eventually, Rebel was moved off the patio and into the grass to keep her in the sun.  See me?  I am to the left of Rebel so that Seven would be looking in the right direction.
Once that scene was wrapped, we did a little scene that did not end up in the movie.
Anthony and Rebel are cuddling and Seven is sitting at the table.  I have no idea what the vision was.
Notice Phil's hand on Seven's collar?  "Quit touching my dog, Phil!  It is not helping."  I just wanted him to pull her tail out of the way when she sat down and I had to explain that the collar pressure was giving her something to push against and wasn't holding her in position.
Seven tired of the sit stay; she is an awful sitter anyway.  So she started to stand up and get up on the table. Michael Bay liked it so we went with it.

We were then asked to wait because Bay wanted to use Seven for a scene in the apartment.  They filmed the "Ninja style" bedroom scene in one of the upstairs apartments.  At one point, I looked up to see Rebel astride Anthony and he waves at me.  Very funny and embarrassing!
Awesome friend and assistant, Stefanie
Well, filming was wrapped for the day around 7:30 PM.  We were there for an extra two hours for no reason.  And then we drove home to Atlanta all night long.
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