Wednesday, May 22, 2013

44 Weeks - 10 Months

Maddie is officially 10 months old now.  Time sure does fly.  She is holding steady at 26 inches tall.
I have absolutely nothing new to report about Maddie.  Everything is more of the same.... just waiting for her to be full grown.

Ten months is a really fun age as she is mature in a lot of ways, but still finds a lot of joy and silliness in the unexpected things.
We recently went to a four day agility trial and those always bring Teg, room to play, and two puppy owners that want them dead tired.
Teg recently had her first birthday.  We, of course, made them earn the playtime.  Maddie is still quite impulsive, but she has definitely gotten much better at working around her friends.
Teg's mom, Beth, and I have started a good strategy of only having one of them off leash at a time during training.  So if someone messes up and tries to start playing early (namely Maddie), the other puppy cannot take off and join in.  Teg is actually quite good regardless.  I am hoping Maddie will be as good in two more months.

 Beth Bradshaw took all of the photos in this post (THANKS, BETH!) and she put together these two scrapbook collages of some of the photos.  I love them both!.... Well, except the Toy Thief.  I think Maddie was just helping Teg out of the water.  Ha! Click on each one to see them larger.


What Remains Now said...

Great photos. Those two go full out.

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

LOL about the toy thief. I have the exact same series of photos of Kili stealing sticks from her chocolate lab friend Cole when he comes out of the water. Are you sure Maddie and Kili aren't related?

Claire Krigbaum said...

Ack, gorgeous photos! Maddie is so beautiful!
Wow, ten months old already. It has been so fun watching her grow up!

Hazel said...

The photos are great! The fun loving traits that show in these two dogs and their moms are beautiful!