Monday, May 20, 2013

Dry Spell

Seven on the A-Frame

The agility hounds and I are having quite a dry spell.  We just cannot get it together for Double Qualifiers (running clean in the Standard class and Jumpers class in the same day).
Riley crashing a double jump

As you know, Riley scored her 20th Double Q in April to earn her agility championship, but since then we have been unable to pull a double.  We were running clean about 75% of the time (which was freakin awesome), but our consistency has plummeted. We were at a four day trial two weekends ago and not one Double Q! We just got home from another two day trial and again nothing.
Seven coming out of chute

While Riley's dry spell has spanned six trial days, Seven's is double that.  She has not Double Qed in her last 12 trials.  It is very frustrating!  We are still having a great time and would not trade our trial days for anything, but I wish we could get back to being a bit more productive when we are there.
Seven on dogwalk

And it is not like we are not running well.  We are and have plenty of first and second places to prove it, but inevitably something happens in the other class.  In Riley's jump photo near the top of this post, we just got way off track and she jumped the double jump sideways clearing the stanchion and just catching the pole with a butt cheek.  Thank goodness she is so athletic to have managed that.  Otherwise, we have off courses and refusals (those are my fault), but also lots of rails down.  Like today.... Seven was finally going to Double Q and she knock the very last bar.  So disheartening.  

The truth is that we are just not practicing enough.  In an effort to help Seven's wrist last longer, I cut our practice down to once a week and then I keep them fit with long hikes, jogging, jump grids, balance discs, and the peanut.  But I think I need to add back another practice.  I am also having Seven's wrist injected with platelet rich plasma tomorrow.  It is suppose to help speed healing and if it works it usually gives 6 months of relief.  More about that in a later post.

Until then wish us luck!  We need it! 

Photos by In Motion Photos.


Hazel said...

Your hounds look so very beautiful and athletic. I think they are just wanting a red carpet to walk in on since they are such celebrities and champions. The photo of the hound asleep tell me that a crown is needed for this royalty.

John said...

There is a considerable school of thought that competition animals (racehorses, coursing and racing Greyhounds, eventing horses, etc.) can become "sour" or "stale" (pick your adjective) if the competition frequency becomes great, and will benefit from some letdown time to relax, do other things, etc. Might be worth considering with your pack.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Thanks, Hazel.

The only thing though, John, is I'm not getting a lackluster performance. They are so jacked up and excited that they are careless and I think its has to do with less practice during the week making the weekends so exciting. So I'm afraid that downtime would really send them to the moon. :-)

jet said...

Hopefully more practice helps them run cleaner. I hope Riley's wrist benefits from the injection too!