Friday, May 24, 2013

44 Weeks - Tugging

We did another photo shoot with Maggie Fan.  All of these photos of Maddie were taken by Maggie.
Even got some photos of Maddie and I training and playing.
It has been interesting to train with a toy.  I have used toys as a reward at the end of a training session with my other hounds, but have never found them to be useful otherwise. My biggest problem is that greyhounds often want to run with their toys so I would have a hot and winded dog that really could not jump right back into the training session.  None of my other hounds have been tuggers.... and I never attempted to create tug drive either.
But I did cultivate Maddie's tug drive and it is pretty strong.  Unless very distracted, she will almost always engage in tugging when presented with a toy.  So the rule is that Maddie should not take the toy unless told to "get it".  For example, in the photo above, we are working on heeling and when Maddie focuses and gives me a few moment of good heeling, I will present the toy and tell her to "get it".
She too will run with the toy if I throw it, but a lot of times Maddie will bring it straight back to me for tugging.  Or if she tugs hard enough for me to lose my grip, she will often push the toy back into my hands for more tugging.  All good stuff!


Claire Krigbaum said...

Such beautiful shots! Wow! That heeling shot makes me want to get one like it with Indi and me.
How neat that she is still a tugger and can accept it as a reward. I had not used tugging that much with Amber and Rye and neither would accept it when out in public so it is really fun having Indi my tugging machine. She is so strong though, I need stronger arms!
p.s. I get to go see Pain and Gain tonight!

Hazel said...

That joy of playing in a young dog is so different than the joy of playing in an older dog!

Great pictures!

Team Zero Gravity said...

Blaze is the only one of my hounds who tugs and has a strong toy interest. Even he will get tired of using a toy sometimes in training so I always have several toys and several different types of treats. I'm enjoying hearing all about Maddie's progress :)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I just have to say what beautiful lines Maddie has got, she is stunning to look at. She needs to be a poster girl for black Greyhounds!