Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 30 - Beauty Pageant

During week 30, Maddie competed in her first beauty pageant.  I have never shown a dog before in conformation so Maddie is my chance to get perspective on the inside of the ring.  Plus I think she is gorgeous.
All in all, I just wanted Maddie to have a good experience and she did.  She had no trouble with the environment, other dogs, or people.  She was very comfortable, ate treats, and played with toys.  Here we are showing the first day.  She was the only puppy in her class so we go the blue ribbon, of course.  Ha! The winners of each class then come back and show in the Winners Class.  We did not place in that class.
The next day, we did not show as well.  The judge moved us around the ring right away so I felt rushed to stack her.  Then the judge was very animated with Maddie.  I think she was just trying to be friendly and make sure the puppy had a good experience, but she kept messing us up because Maddie would respond to her.  At one point the judge had her hands up high by her face so Maddie thought she wanted her to sit.It was kind of funny.
Of course, in preparation for Maddie's first show, she had her first bath.  She was not all that thrilled about it, but she was served dinner while she was bathed and decided it was not too bad.

Maddie now weighs 50.5 pounds.