Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 30 - Random Photos

Well, I am a bad greyhound puppy owner.  I hardly took any pictures this week.  But then she is starting to look a lot like a dog and not so much puppy anymore..... well most of the time.
Maddie turned 7 months old at the end of week 30 and broke 50 pounds.  That puts one of you out of the running for the 1 year weight guess contest.  Sorry, Pennydog!  That also means that quite a few of you are about to be out of the running with your guesses in the low 50's.  Her growth has definitely slowed, but I think we will see low 60's in the future.
Miss Maddie is getting kicked out of daycare at the end of February.  Okay, not really, but they need to move her out of the small dog room.  She is just too big for some of the smaller dogs in there. She does great if there is an ideal playmate for her, but I believe she can be a pest if there is no one to wrestle.  I gave it some thought, but I just do not want her in the big dog room.  The room is bigger, giving her more room to build up speed.  I am afraid she will encourage the other dogs to chase her and I just do not want her getting rolled on hard mats by large, adult dogs. I do not want her to get hurt or for her confidence to be dinged.
Plus the point of daycare was to socialize, to burn energy when she was not ready for serious training, and to help with house training back when she could only hold it 3 or 4 hours when I was at work.  I will miss my days off though.  It was nice to have one or two days a week when I knew Maddie would be very tired and would not be very demanding that afternoon and evening.
I really appreciate all the comments that we still get despite that I rarely leave comments on other blogs anymore.  I am honestly a little overwhelmed with three dogs in full training and a puppy takes up twice as much time as any of my adults.  Maddie still needs lots of supervision so my evenings are all about keeping her out of trouble.... she is sleeping as I type this. :-)