Monday, October 29, 2012

AGRC Trial

Porch Hound, since Seven will break out of my tent.

Seven also did really well at the agility trial last weekend.  She ran clean 5 out of 6 times and earned Double Qs # 8 and 9.  I think she won all of the Standard classes.
Seven was not without issues, but she was not in any pain and was always eager to run. But her middle toes on the left front were oddly puffy in the mornings and would improve with exercise.  For horse folks, it reminded me of stocking up.  I took videos and pictures of what I was seeing, how she was moving, and of me examining her joints so I could show the orthopedic and rehab specialists that I could find no pain, but had this odd swelling.  The ortho had some theories, but said he could not prove or disprove them.  And in the end they did not change anything. He had something similar happen to himself when he had knee surgery.  His ankle would swell up, but not sure why other than gravity pulling fluid from the knee down.... although why does it happen to Seven overnight while she is lying down instead of when she is standing up?  Just a complex puzzle dog.  Our second rehab appointment is tomorrow.

The ortho continues to assure me that the wrist is a forgiving joint and tends to be pain free despite what x-rays might show.  Keeping her active everyday with some modifications is best.  In a way, agility is a really great way to exercise her body and mind in a very controlled manner.  I am lucky that she is not explosive like Riley.  Seven is not the type that just has to run circles or spin for the heck of it.  She wants to work and eat good food... I can deal with that.