Friday, October 26, 2012

AGRC Trial

Poor Riley has not been getting a lot of face time on the blog.  She gets over shadowed by Maddie and Seven because she is so perfect and wonderful.  Knock on wood..... her healed hock fracture and healed puncture to the M1/P1 joint has been very quiet.  She has been running agility great!

Last weekend, Riley ran in a three-day agility trial.  She was clean 4 out of 6 runs and earned one double qualifying score.  I am thrilled if we can qualify 50% of the time and double Q at least once.  The first two runs are Jumper runs.  I think she won both classes.  The third and forth run is her QQ.  Notice the bad start line in the 3rd run.... she left without being told to and surprised me, but we saved the run.  My friend's puppy was not helpful with filming so.... well, you will see.  Last run had a difficult weave pole entrance that Riley often fails in training so I was so happy when she nailed it.  Even said "Oh My God, Good Girl!".  But then we almost lost the Q when she turned the wrong direction... but we saved it again. 

Love my Riley Greyhound! We are back at another trial this weekend. Riley has 9 of the needed double Qs for an agility championship. 11 more to go!