Tuesday, October 30, 2012

16 Weeks - Growing

Enjoying the last bit of warm sunny weather
Why is everyone hanging out in my hole?

Maddie is quite the digger and gives a lot of attention to this hole.  Hopefully I will keep her too busy in the future to continue this business, but for now it is easy entertainment that builds muscle and burns energy.
 Brown noser
It is hard for me to see Maddie getting bigger when I see her everyday, but she has definitely grown.  She was unable to look out this window just a few weeks ago.  I would put her front paws on the sill so she could see out.  The other day it was startling when I swiveled my chair around and saw her easily gazing out the window.
Maddie appears to be half the size of our adult females although she looks huge next to Seven here.
But our male, Stacker, still makes her look small.  I believe he is almost 30 inches tall at the shoulder (where as Riley and Seven are 24.5 inches).  Stacker is 13 and a half years old.
This week was much of the same.  Socializing, play dates, agility trial, and so on.  I think we had our last patio dining experience for the year.  We went from warm and sunny to cold and windy in just a couple of days.
I think all the visits to downtown Marietta, Roswell, and Atlanta have paid off.  She barely pays attention to trains, sirens, motorcycles, and other traffic noises anymore.  She has seen and met lots of people and children.  She is much better with loud music.  It has been a lot of fun to show her the world.  I hope there will be some holiday festivals coming up that I can take her to.
And who knew that having a puppy could be so profitable.  The little money grubber found $5 on out last night out on the town.  Not nearly the earnings that Seven has collected for her movie work, but it is a start.
I thought Maddie had lost a front tooth earlier this week, but now I am not so sure.  There was a little blood on a toy we were playing with and I swear I saw the place holder for the missing tooth, but now I do not. And the teeth all look like baby teeth to me.  I do hope I find one of her canine or big molars when those start popping out.
I finally was able to buy Maddie one of those silly tug leashes.  Many of the agility dogs that enjoy tugging have these leashes so they are never without a toy and it is easy to keep track of it since it is attached to your dog.  Maddie is always grabbing and tugging at her leash so it seemed I would finally have a dog that might like one of these.
It seems to be a hit and the colors aren't too bad either.
Still puts anything and everything into her mouth.
 Now you see it.
 Now you don't.
 Now you see it again.
 And now you don't again.
Okay, time to give it up.

And the best news is that Maddie has not had an accident in over a week.  She has done great in the house and it has been several weeks since she last attempted to pee on the carpet, but the crate was another story. She had numerous accidents in the crate the week before last and it was quite frustrating.  But not this week. It was a perfect week.  Knock on wood!

Remember to guess Maddie's weight on her first birthday (July 2nd) before the end of October.  Just leave a comment here or on Facebook.  Or email me if you do neither.