Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wonder Agility Dog

Seven continues to be the Wonder Agility Dog.  She qualified three out of her five runs.  We skipped the 6th to get home sooner since neither hound had a chance for a Double Q.... and a good day for it too.  Our camping buddy, Jerry, and his German Shepherd, Ex, qualified and won the class.  He was glad the greyhounds had gone home early on a day Ex ran very well.

Seven double qualified on Saturday so that brings her tally up to 4 towards her championship (needs 20) and  for the Agility Nationals (needs 6 before November 30th).
Another qualifying run in Standard:
I really am so glad I adopted Seven.  I honestly never would have kept her if I had not been pressured into keeping her.  I do not want to go into the details on the blog, but I never would have kept her without the "other reason".  I knew she would was a worker, but I really really hated (and still do) her anxiety about various things.  Thankfully nothing interferes with her ability to work, but she is very labor intensive to manage outside of training and competing.  She is happiest when she is working and can be very dissatisfied otherwise.  Part of that is because I am so Type A.  She is probably here to teach me to accept the things I cannot change.

My friends would like for me to admit that Seven is my favorite (it is a running joke now)... but I can't.  She might be my best, but she is not my favorite.  But I really do love her and I am glad Seven is here.