Monday, August 20, 2012

Photo Dog

 I am always taking pictures of Seven.  She is just so good at posing with perked ears.  She takes her posing very seriously.
I got the following two pictures earlier this summer and they are gorgeous.  I could not think of a reason to blog about them so I am finally just going to .... blog about them.  I posted them to Facebook, but I know not everyone follows us on Facebook.  So here they are:
Both of these were taken with my iPhone and have not been enhanced in anyway.  We were hiking early in the morning as the sun was rising.  The red clay shore was reflecting back onto the water creating all of the orange color.  I did not realize how beautiful they are until I got home.
Another bit of into I posted on Facebook that might have been missed is that I created a profile for Seven on the IMDb website.  The IMDb website is a movie database that has all sorts of information.  Many actors and actresses have their own profile on IMDb, so I felt Seven should be no different.  Click Here to see it.