Monday, August 13, 2012


I have been trying to make up for lost time (Riley's year off from competition due to injuries) so we were recently at another three day agility trial.  It was also Stephen and my 7th anniversary.  He was very sweet to send me 7 roses to the trial with the help of our friend, Jerry.  Thanks, Stephen and Jerry!

Riley did fine.  I think slimming her back down a pound or two helped as she only knocked one bar this time and is doing it less in training as well.  But she did not earn any double qualifiers (need 6 for the nationals and 20 for a championship).  We keep making silly errors.
I am starting to feel rushed.  My gut tells me that she is probably not going to be competing for lots of years.  I am really hoping for two more (she is 6 years old now).  We have just worked so hard, I just want to enjoy it now.  But I am already seeing gimpy days and stiffness.

Periodically, the rear foot that had the punctured joint comes up very stiff, but she appears to warm out of it thankfully.  But lately I am seeing some gimpiness on the right front or maybe I am just paranoid and looking too hard for something.... as I cannot pinpoint anything.  Usually busted toes are my big problems, but hers are in great shape (knock on wood).  I am also very thankful that her healed fractured hock seems to give her no problems, but it sure snap, crackle, pops when I flex it.
I really really hope Riley can finish her agility championship (need 14 more double qualifiers), compete in the Agility Invitational in December (we are qualified and entered), and qualify and compete at the Agility Nationals in March (needs 3 more double qualifiers before November 30th).  But I will always do what is best for Riley.  We will continue as long as she is having fun.
Here is one of the qualifying runs from the trial.