Monday, July 30, 2012

Perry Trial

A few weeks ago, we attended a four day agility trial and I am pleased to report that Riley ran ALL FOUR DAYS!  And with no problems.  Even at the last trial (I did not mention it on the blog), she came up lame on day two of a three day trial.  It was not concerning, in that it did not relate to the fractured hock or punctured joint, but it was bad timing.  She had a scab on a toe that seemed to get irritated when she was doing her morning warm up zoomies. It hurt bad enough that she held up the leg at times.  I just could not believe it.  Of course, she was fine that afternoon and ran sound the next day.  Anyways, she was perfectly sound all four days in Perry so I was very happy.
A little chunky perhaps?

Riley had some great runs, but two were non-qualifying due to knocking bars.  That is not common for her, but it has happened in training lately and sure enough it showed up at the show.  Then I saw this picture of Riley from the trial and thought she looked a bit chunky.  I have since slimmed her down a little and I hope that helps.
A face full of hair (mine)

Here are two runs from the trial.  Riley qualifies in the Standard Class (first one) and then she has a really nice run in Jumpers, but knocks the very last bar.  Dang it!
Finally on Sunday, we scored a double qualifying score!  Riley now has 6 out of 20 need for her championship.  She now has all of her championship points (796 out of 750).  She also has 3 out of 6 Double Qs needed to qualify for the Agility Nationals this year.  I am not sure if I will go (it is in Oklahoma), but I would like to have the option.