Thursday, August 2, 2012

Perry Trial

Seven had an interesting trial in Perry.  She qualified five out of eight runs, but she also had the worst run we have ever had.  But then she double qualifies and turns in her fastest time to date... again.
 Jump 1 of serpentine
 Jump 2 of serpentine
Jump 3 of serpentine

Here is her worst run and then a very nice redeeming Jumpers run.  In her worst run, it starts out great, but then falls apart at the A-frame.  She exits the A-frame unsafely so you see me asking the judge if this is one of the conditions that allow for a re-do. "No."  I still do not understand that freakin rule. Then she proceeds to go off course and totally loses sight of me and then cannot find me.  It was so loud that she could not hear me calling for her. I think it was a good lesson in her needing to keep her eyes on me.  The second run is very good.
And then on Sunday, Seven double qualifies for the 3rd time (3 out of 20 for her championship and 3 out of 6 to qualify for the Agility Nationals).  Her Jumpers run was completed in 6.28 yards per second.  She is definitely my fastest agility greyhound at this point.  So funny because she started out kind of slow.