Thursday, July 26, 2012

Splish Splash

Seven could not escape my new camera either.  She is just so photogenic.  She discovered last summer that water is not the enemy and can be quite a relief on a hot day.
In fact, she learned this by watching my friend's border collie, Trust.  Outside of agility class, there is a large tub that is often filled with water so the dogs can step in and cool off.  I forced Seven to get in which she did not appear to appreciate and quickly vacated.  Trust, the border collie, leaped in and lied down in the tub to get in a good soak.  Seven watched all of this.  
When Trust jumped out, Seven got back in immediately and lied down in the tub. I have never noticed any of my hounds imitating other dogs before so I thought this was very smart of her.
Seven is definitely not a swimmer, but she enjoyed doing recalls in the water and causing a lot of splash.