Thursday, June 28, 2012

Miami Movie Shoot - Take 13

Seven and I head over for her big bedroom scene.  Rebel Wilson is already there.  The one and only other time I had spoken to her (on the first trip), she had not responded for whatever reason (shy? did not hear me?) so I was determined to get her talking this time.  Since she and Seven were going to be on the bed together, I wanted Seven to pay more attention to her than me so I offered Rebel some bits of hamburger to give to Seven.  Rebel thought it would be better to wait until closer to shooting (for some reason everyone thinks my dog is going to get full), but I explained that she would be giving her treats then too.  Seven would not get full.  I told Rebel that I loved the movie Bridesmaids and thought she and everyone else in it was very funny.

Anthony came in a short time later.  We all sat on the bed together chatting about greyhounds and Seven's racing career.  At one point, they break out into a Whitney Houston song and I was glad they were actors and not singers.  We talked about whether it was a good time for the director to take a long phone call while we were all ready and waiting.

Finally the lighting was right and it was time to shoot.  Since Seven is laying on the bed with her "owners", I wanted her to relax her ears and not look so focused.  I started to work on having her do a flat down stay on her side.  She did fairly well with that and would sit up half way through the scene.  It turns out to be a funny love scene.  Thankfully, Seven is the only naked one. There is some rolling around and eventually Anthony's feet end up in Seven's ears.  Hopefully it turns out to be a very humorous scene.

Then we do a second scene in the bedroom.  This time Anthony is down to just his boxers so he gets down on the floor and does a bunch of push ups while the crew changes the lighting.  I change Seven's position so she looks different in this scene.  I roll her on to her other side and start shaping her to put her head down in our spare minutes.  In this scene, Seven is not wanted on the bed and I call her off the bed when Anthony nudges and tells her to get down.

By now, it is getting very hot.  The air conditioner would get shut off during filming because of the noise.  Seven was starting to pant so I texted the Animal Humane Association rep and asked her to get Seven's fan. Nothing.  No response.  I text my husband.  Nothing.  No response.  So finally I ask one of the assistant directors, Tony the Terrorist (because of his beard) to go get my fan.  He runs out to where Stephen is and asks for the dog's "kit".  Stephen was not sure what the "kit" was so The Terrorist returned with the fan, cooler, and dog bed.  At least, I finally had a fan.  It was too late and she was panting for most of this shoot.
I found out later that the Humane rep had gotten a phone call and her phone died.  So she borrowed my husband's phone and went outside to make a 30 minute phone call.  Epic fail on her part!  I was not happy.

Anyways, once we were done filming (keep in mind this is the very last day of filming for the whole movie) they tell Anthony, "Dude, you are done."  The crew breaks out in applause and for the next few minutes they hug and pat him on the back.  "Great job."  Michael Bay comes over and hugs him and thanks him for the job he has done.  Eventually, Anthony makes his way out.
They then turn to me and tell me that Seven and I are all done too.... silence... "Well, then everyone needs to clap for us!"  So the crew breaks out in applause for Seven and Michael Bay gets up again and says that we did a great job and thanked us from coming all the way from Atlanta.  I asked him if I could keep her collar and he said "Absolutely".

The cool thing about the collar is that they went into so much detail.  I would not have expected them to actually engrave a dog tag.  However, they did spell her name wrong.  It should be "Tasty Reuben", but close enough.  Doorbal is Anthony's character's last name.... Adrian Doorbal.  I have never called the phone number, but that is a Miami area code.

In the true story, Seven's owner runs a Schlosky Deli so I think that is where the name comes from. He is played by Tony Shaloub.  We never met him.
Tony Shaloub