Monday, July 2, 2012

Miami Movie Shoot - Last Take

Stephen and Bar Paly

Seven and I had been wrapped completely and were done with filming.  We came back to Stephen and Riley.  As I was filling out my time card, Riley catches Bar Paly's attention and she walks over and asks if she can pet Riley.  The husband told her "please" and she crouched down to say hi to Riley and called her "Monkey".  "Hey, Monkey."

I look up and can see the husband is desperate for a photo so I ask if she would mind taking a picture with Stephen.  She was more than happy to.

We saw Anthony and confirmed that we were still going out that night.  Tonya, the American Humane Association rep, asked me to text her Anthony's phone number.  Instead, I texted both of them so all replies would go to the three of us.  She came back with "I couldn't get Anthony's number from that text, can you just send it to me?"  I told her I did not want her to make plans without us and she could just correspond with both of us through the three-way text.  If he wanted her to have his phone number, I figured he could just give it to her himself.  So there!

Anthony wanted to watch the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics basketball game so he suggested we go to a bar called the Foxhole, a very local, upscale bar in Miami Beach.  We all met there.  Here is the front door.
The Fox Hole

That was it!  The front door opened up to an ally.  There was no sign and the door was marked with only the red lantern light.  Not the kind of place we normally frequent.  Ha!

We go in and it is very nice inside.  Typical bar with dim lighting and loud music, but it was clean and the filter system was amazing.  We could hardly tell anyone was smoking.

Anthony was already there and he introduced us to one of his friends (I can't remember his name) and he was very nice.  We moved upstairs where there were open tables and a great view of the game an a gigantic screen.  A short time later, Tonya arrived.
Anthony and Stephen

Anthony was so awesome, as always.  He ordered us drinks and pizza.  The bar does not serve food so you have to order take out food and have it delivered.  I really did not want him to pay for everything so I considered paying his tab, but Tonya warned us.  She had purchased Anthony and herself a drink and it cost $36.  $36 for two drinks!  It was a bit out of our league so Anthony ended up paying for everything again.

Anthony paid us so much attention.  At one point, Tonya and I look at each other and say "why is he hanging out with us nerds?"  But he was. We talked about our own lives and about his movies and the women he likes (he does not like them too skinny). Previews of his new movie "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer" interrupted commercials numerous times.  I asked he if plays "the black guy".  He does.
We laughed and we joked, but eventually it was time to go.  We had a 10 hour drive ahead of us.  Anthony kept persuading us to stay longer, but we finally gave up at 2 AM and left.

The next morning, I sent Anthony a text telling him thank you once again.  And then we headed home for Atlanta for the last time.  Back to real life.

I am going to do one more post about the movie regarding my after thoughts.  I have collected a few questions from the comments on other posts that I will answer, but if you have something you would like to know, please ask in the comments of this post and I will add it to the next post.