Monday, June 25, 2012

Miami Movie Shoot - Take 12

The producers had us head back to the stage at the Coconut Grove convention center. I was glad that the hubby was going to see the stage and more than just the backyard reshoot.  And hopefully more scenes for Seven!

We arrived and I could tell that things had been scaled back.  The crew had been thinned out.  Some of the sets had been taken down.  Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson had finished up days before.  Things were definitely coming to a close.

I decided to bring the girls in and place them in view.  I did not want Seven to be out of sight, out of mind.  And it worked.  Michael Bay noticed us as he walked by and stopped to greet the hounds.  He called her "Doggie" a few times and I finally reminded him that her name was Seven.... at least he would take the time to greet her. I told him "Seven wants to be in the background of a lot of scenes today."  Bay said "I am going to use her."

As usual, we hang out for hours hoping we have not been forgotten.  I would take the hounds out for a walk around the front of the convention center periodically and on one occasion we strike up a conversation with a crew member.  She tells me about her mutt who is hanging out in one of the trailers.  All of a sudden, a brown ball of fluff comes darting out from behind one of the trailers to greet Riley and Seven.  Close behind is Bar Paly in a tiny little black mini skirt jogging through the grass in very tall heels.  It was amusing to watch her chase the little dog around with curlers in her hair.  I thought too bad Stephen didn't come out here with me.  Bar was very sweet and scooped up the little dog in her arms.  We all chatted a few minutes about dogs.  Bar said she had an Italian Greyhound.
Bar Paly in her dog catcher suit.

We had been told that Bay told Bar to gain ten pounds for the movie.  I can see the ten pounds in the early pictures, but not when we saw her in person.  I think she had already lost them again.
A chubby Bar Paly
Ha! Just kidding! 
She always looked awesome!

Finally, it was time to shoot a scene.  I take Seven back into the bedroom set.  I am told that she will be laying on the bed for this scene.