Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miami Movie Shoot - Take 11

So the main purpose of this last trip to Miami was to reshoot one scene that we had done on the first trip.  It was an outside scene of Anthony Mackie walking Seven on leash down a sidewalk.  Stephen and I talked about how dismal that would be if we drove ten hours just to reshoot a scene for thirty minutes.  To top it off, I had forgotten my bathing suit so hanging out by the pool or going to the beach was unlikely. We contemplated driving home that day if we finished that morning.

We were to report in at 9:15 AM at a park called Haulover.  Phil, the animal talent agent, was filming a Spanish soap opera with his German Shepherd across the street.  He stopped over to make sure we were fine, but was going to be busy with other shoots most of the day.  Tonya, the American Humane Association rep from last time, eventually arrived as well.

They were shooting a beach scene with Anthony Mackie and Rebel Wilson when we arrived.  The sky was cloudy so I will be interested to see whether or not the sky is improved in the editing room.  We watched from a distance, walked the hounds, and waited for our turn.
Eventually, Anthony came off the beach and hugged Tonya and I.  He treated the husband to some sort of a secret handshake.  He was rather mouthy and it was obvious he was ready for Pain & Gain filming to be over.

We got our signal and drove a few miles to the the apartment with the backyard and pool area being used for our scene.  We parked and waited for everything to be set up.  Although not sunny, it was definitely much hotter this trip.  Once the hounds were comfortable, I walked over to Anthony's vehicle to give him a thank you note for dinner last time.  Tonya came over and the three of us chatted for awhile. He asked us what we were doing tonight.  HAVING DINNER WITH YOU!!!!  Okay, I was way cooler and did not say that, but definitely thrilled he wanted to hang out with us again.  I told the husband we would not be driving home today!
We reshot the scene and it literally is Anthony walking Seven down a sidewalk and through a gate to the pool area.  It was such a little scene that Michael Bay was not even there.  The shot was being handled by an assistant director and a splinter crew.  The assistant director was actually videoing the monitor with his phone and sending it to Bay for approval before it was a wrap. We had some waiting around time.
During our downtime, Anthony started talking about Basenji dogs again.  He went off on this rant about how the dogs pictured on the cave walls of the Pharaohs were in fact Basenji dogs.  I asked why he did not think that Pharaohs had... Pharaoh hounds.  He exclaimed he had a Smartphone.  Well, okay then.
Finally, we were wrapped and Seven was allowed to get into the pool.  It was hot!  And then we got the fortunate news that we were wanted back at the stage in the convention center just in case Michael Bay wanted to put Seven in the background of a scene.  YES!!!