Monday, June 18, 2012

Miami Movie Shoot - Take 10

The Husband

Are you guys tired of the movie shoot posts yet?  I hope so... cause it is almost over.  It is going to be hard to find something as entertaining to write about.

We had to go to Miami one more time for one more day of filming.  This time Stephen, the husband, was able to come along.  It was only fair that he got a chance to enjoy all of the glitz and glamour.... Ha!  I would have liked a little glitz and glamour.

We left on Monday, June 4th.  Stephen drove the van and hounds down to my office at lunch time and off we went.  It was very nice to have someone else drive most of the way.... that is until we had to park.  We arrived at the hotel around 11 PM and it was located just a street over from South Beach.  Awesome, right? NO!  Not when you need to park an extended cargo van.  Anyways, Stephen and I almost filed for divorce over the parking situation, but we are happy to say we made it and found a paid lot around the block.

I am certainly not a world traveler, but I have to say that Miami Beach has some of the rudest people.  For example, as I am lugging our things up the stairs and to our hotel room, I am faced with three "neighbors" sitting and chatting outside their doors.  The three of them take up the entire pathway and I literally have to step over them.  I say "excuse me" and mention that I have several more trips to make.  I return to the van and step right over them again.  I return to the room with more things and by now I realize that they are not about to move so I carry my luggage the long way around to my hotel room.... but I make sure to interrupt them on all of my return trips to the van.

Other instances include a group of people hogging an entire sidewalk and actually brushing shoulders with someone because they will not make eye contact and share the sidewalk.  Someone on a bike doesn't think twice about peddling past a pedestrian while texting.  Crosswalks are only a suggestion.... the orange flashing hand does not stop the residents of Miami Beach.  They are going to cross in front of you whether your light is green or not.
We settle into our extended stay hotel room and it is probably the nicest place we stayed at.  Although, nice room does not correlate with good parking.  Not correlating is great if you are trying to diversify your investment portfolio.  Not so great if you just want to park your van at a nice hotel.
We have a 9:15 AM call time the next morning.  And it is the very last day of filming for the entire movie.  We knew we would see Anthony Mackie again since we were in Miami to reshoot a particular scene that was out of focus, but I did not have high hopes of seeing Mark Wahlberg and The Rock again.  And good thing because they were not listed on the call sheet, but Rebel Wilson was and for the husband, Bar Paly.