Friday, January 20, 2012


Okay, so when I compared Seven to a Nissan Altima (versus Riley as a Ferrari, some people thought that was simply not good enough for Seven.  Blame it on my ignorance and simple tastes.  A Nissan Altima seemed like a really nice car to me.  However, I think Seven definitely belongs in a luxury car category.  Not only is she reliable, but she has all the bells and whistles and smooth handling.  Although maybe not quite as sporty or reckless as a Ferrari, Seven is a luxury to run in agility.  She has a fast pace I can easily manage, turns on a dime, and nails tricky weave pole entrances.  So how about a:

2012 Mercedes Benz CL 550 Class Coupe
2012 BMW 760Li
2012 Jaguar XJ
The only mechanical difficulty I have with Seven is that the alarm system goes crazy when it is Riley's turn to come out of the garage and take a spin.  Seven makes a ton of noise.  Maybe one day I will be able to fix it.