Monday, January 16, 2012

Normal Agility Dog

Like Riley, Seven also had a good agility trial last weekend.  Her weekend started off with two clean runs on Friday.  The clean Jumpers run (2nd run in video) moves her up to the final level of agility, Excellent B Jumpers.
After that, Seven became more of a normal agility dog.  She did not qualify on Saturday morning in the Standard class and did not qualify at all on Sunday.  The Q streak was wonderful while it lasted and I hope for many more, but it was probably time for reality to strike.  However, Seven still has an impressive record of running clean 16 out of 20 times.  I am thrilled whenever my hounds have a 50% Q rate and Seven is 80%.
Here is Seven's first clean run in Excellent B Jumpers.  I loved running Seven and Riley on this course!  So much fun!