Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Play Day

I took last Friday off from work and headed down to "the farm" for some fun and to hang out with my sister (thanks for letting me play, John and Laura).  The weather could not have been more perfect.  Georgia does not have brutal winters, but we normally have lower temperatures by now (the camera would have preferred more sun for the action shots).
Look at that healed left hock!

Riley had not been free to play at "the farm" since July so it was good to see her open up and to snap some photos of her running.
Riley is definitely the bully in our pack.  She plays very rough and demands that the others run so she can chase and catch them... no one else seems to enjoy this game very much... especially Reagan who is often the target.  However, Seven holds her own and does not wilt under Riley's pressure.  In fact, Seven can dish it right back to her with a paw or two on Riley's back.  Notice who is focused on the ball and who is focused on the other greyhound.
Seven says "Take that!"
Then I decided to pose the girls on this log.
"Riley, do you think you could open your eyes and close your mouth?"
"Seven, you look gorgeous with your bright eyes and perfect ears.  You are always so good at posing for pictures."
"Bitch. Always sucking up to Mom, aren't you?"

And I got to ride Toby (thanks, Laura).  He is super nice!  I started riding when I was a kid and had my own horses when I was a teenager and in college.  I always feel so rusty, but I still remember a few things.
Thanks for the ride, Toby!