Saturday, December 17, 2011


Well, we finally have a blemish on our record.  Seven NQed (non-qualifying run).  However, she still qualified 12 times in a row which is amazing!  She knocked out the Novice and Open levels as fast as doggedly possible.  12 qualifying runs in a row is a rarity in my agility career.  I looked back at Travis' agility record (he was my all-time agility all-star) and his best streak was 18 qualifying runs in a row... but he was also 9 years old and we had been together for 6 years (NOT 15 months!). 

Seven's streak of perfection was not without errors.  It just happens that the errors we made are allowable at the lower levels.  Excellent is not so kind so she did not qualify in her first Excellent Standard run.  In fact, we had three refusals which we have never had that many.  You cannot have three refusals and qualify at any level.  I figure if you are going to NQ, you might as well NQ big!  Get all the errors out of your system in one run!
This is the only other run we have on video. My usual videographers were not at this trial. This is an Open JWW with one baby dog refusal.
All in all, Seven got a first place in both Open classes on Saturday and again in Excellent Jumpers.  That is right!  After her Excellent Standard NQ, she came back with a perfect run in Excellent Jumpers.  I wish I had that run on video as it was our best of the weekend.  Seven did not have any trouble recognizing the dogwalk and teeter.  Her weave poles remain perfect!  I could not ask for any more.